Southern History

J. Brent Morris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History
Department of Humanities and Fine Arts
Key Topics
Dr. Morris is an award-winning scholar, lecturer, author and consultant. He can speak to 19th century United States history; South Carolina history; slavery, abolition and antislavery; the Civil War and Reconstruction; and African-American History. 
University of South Carolina, B.A. magna cum laude in English Language and Literature, and History,
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
M.A. in History, 2008
Ph.D. in United States and African-American History, 2010.
His dissertation, “Be not conformed to this world:” Oberlin and the Fight to End Slavery, 1833-1863, was nominated for the Allan Nevins Prize bestowed by the Society of American Historians for the best written dissertation on an American subject. It was also nominated for the Cornell University Messenger-Chalmers Prize for the best dissertation on human progress and the evolution of civilization.
Cornell University, Lecturer and Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2005-2008
University of South Carolina Sumter, Senior Lecturer of History, 2010-2011
University of South Carolina Aiken
Senior Lecturer of History, 2010-2011
                  Instructor of History, 2011
USCB, Assistant Professor of History, 2012
Palmetto Fellows Scholarship presented to him as an undergraduate, 1997-2001. It recognizes academically talented high school seniors and provides financial support throughout their college careers.
Research fellowship, University of South Carolina Institute for Southern Studies, 2009-2012.
At Cornell, he received three fellowships and two research grants.
From Oberlin College, he received a research fellowship and a research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Named a Faculty Research Fellow with the University of South Carolina Institute for African American Research.
South Carolina Historical Society Malcolm C. Clark Award, 2010, presented annually for the best article published in the South Carolina Historical Magazine.   

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