General Psychology

Obsessive Behavior




Randy Lamkin, Jr., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Department of Social Science
Key Topics
Dr. Lamkin has broad experience with the social sciences working in the business, health care and academic fields. He can speak to violence prevention and response training in the workplace, sociology of medicine and health, sociology of childhood, and sociology of literature.
Augusta State University, B.A. in Sociology, 1969
University of Connecticut, Storrs
                  M.A. in Sociology, 1971
                  Ph.D. in Social Psychology, 1980
University of South Carolina
College of Applied Professional Studies, Instructor, 1971
                  Division of Student Affairs, Program Coordinator, 1980
Richland Memorial Hospital, Columbia, S.C.
                  Management and Organization Development Coordinator, mid-1980s
                  Director of Educational Services and Director, Mid-Carolina Area Health Education Center, 1988-
College of Charleston, Adjunct Instructor, Introduction to Sociology, 1997
Formed an organizational development and training firm that focused on team-building and strategic planning, and trauma-response training and emergency response to workplace violence, 1993
InterEd, Inc., Vice President of Client Strategy, identified adult-centered program and market opportunities for colleges and universities 
University of Maryland, University College, Adjunct Associate Professor of Sociology, 2005-2008
USCB, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, 2009.
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Brandon J. Cosley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of Social Science
Key Topics
Dr. Cosley is conducting research into three distinct areas: the relationships between social evaluative threat and social cognition. Social evaluation is the process of being evaluated for performance or ability by others. The second area involves stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. It explores how members of disadvantaged groups respond to discrimination and how they use stereotypes to legitimize existing social inequalities. The third area involves how communities manage social psychological threats and employ them to form stronger ties among their members. He can speak to the comprehensive topic of how people respond to and cope with threat. His findings help to shape projects involving health, cognition, discrimination, economics and the environment.
San Francisco State University, Psychology, 2006
University of Maine at Orono
                  M.A. in Psychology, 2008
                  Ph.D. in Psychology, 2011
Husson University, Bangor, Maine, Adjunct Faculty, 2009-2011
Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor, 2009-2011
University of Maine, Instructor, 2008-2011
USCB, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 2011
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Spirrison Charles L. Spirrison, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Social Science


Key Topics
Dr. Spirrison is a psychologist whose research involves the psychometric assessment of personality and psychopathology, impulse-control disorders, and the treatment of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He is exploring the pathological behaviors commonly known as impulse-control disorders, part of the comprehensively larger obsessive-compulsive order spectrum. He can speak on such impulse-control disorders as trichotillomania, the recurrent pulling of hair; onychophagia, compulsive nail-biting; and dermatillomania, compulsive skin-picking. People who exhibit these behavior patterns may be thinking of something painful, and so engaging in these practices enables them to redirect their attention.
North Texas State University, B.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1981
University of Southern Mississippi, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1984
University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, 1987 
Chief of Psychology Services, Boswell Regional Center, Magee, Miss., 1986   
Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, Mississippi State
University, Starkville, 1989
Retired from Mississippi State University as Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2008
Professor of Psychology and Head of the Department of Social Sciences, University of Nicosia, Cyprus, 2009
Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Department of Psychology, USCB, 2010
Licensed Psychologist, Mississippi, present
Fellow, Society for Personality Assessment

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Robert J. Ackerman, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Program Director for Human Services and Sociology Degrees
Department of Social Science
Key Topics
Dr. Ackerman is a professor of sociology and a founder of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. He is considered to be an international authority on the deleterious effects of alcohol and drug abuse on families and children, and is perhaps best known for writing the first book in the United States on children of alcoholics. He can speak to human services evaluation, life span resiliency development, and children of high-risk families. Additional topics include the ability of children and adults from dysfunctional families to develop resiliency and achievement skills, and helping parents achieve self-efficacy while raising their level of confidence as parents.
Louisiana State University, B.A. in Political Science, 1971
University of Northern Colorado, M.A. in Sociology, 1975
Western Michigan University, Hnspecialty program on alcohol and drug abuse, 1977
Western Michigan University, Ph.D. in Sociology, 1980
U.S. Army, infantry officer, 1971,
U.S. Army, Director of Adjutant General Corps, 1973-1976
Department of Psychiatry, Alcohol and Drug Services, Fort Carson, Colo.
Associate Professor of Sociology, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich., 1980
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Associate Professor of Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Professor of Sociology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1989
                  Founder and Director, Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research & Training Institute,
                  Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Professor Emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Professor of Sociology, USCB, 2011
Program Director for Human Services and Sociology, USCB
Author of 14 books on family issues, alcoholism, abusive relationships and related issues; contributor to anthologies, book chapters and more than 25 articles and papers; expert guest “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Today.” Has appeared in films, videos and webcasts. 
Hall of Distinction Award, Louisiana State University, 2005
Distinguished Alumni Awards
                  University of Northern Colorado
                  Western Michigan University
Distinguished Faculty Award for Research, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1988

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