Procurement Card FAQs


This list of FAQs has been developed for cardholders and for departments/individuals interested in possibly requesting a Procurement Card.

1. Who do I contact if I lost my card?

Cardholders are required to immediately report any lost or stolen Procurement Card to Bank of America toll-free at 1-888-449-2273 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). The Cardholder must also immediately notify his/her Department Liaison and/or the Procurement Card Coordinator about the lost or stolen card at the first opportunity during normal business hours.

2. What are the transaction limits?

The Procurement Card is to be used only for the purchase of supplies. University of South Carolina spending parameters for each Visa purchasing card issued is set at $2,500 per transaction (to include tax & shipping) with a maximum of $5,000 per month per card.

3. How can I use my Procurement Card to purchase supplies?

The Procurement Card will enable you to purchase non-restricted commodities, by telephone, by internet, or in person, directly from the vendors.

4. Why did my card decline?

The Procurement could have declined for several reasons: 1) The card may be close to exceeding the monthly limit; 2) The card may decline due to the way the merchant is coded with the bank (MCC); 3) The bank may have put a hold on the card due to the appearance of fraudulent activity. Should the Procurement Card be declined by a vendor, the cardholder should contact the campus Procurement Card Liaison for assistance.

5. What do I do if I have a billing dispute with the vendor?

The Cardholder is responsible for contacting the vendor to resolve any disputed charges or billing errors. If the matter is not resolved with the vendor, the Cardholder/Department Liaison should:

  • Contact Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 directly for assistance.
  • Mail or fax to Bank of America at 1-888-678-6046 a signed Dispute Form to document the reason for the      dispute if form is requested by Bank of America
  • Contact the Purchasing Card Coordinator for assistance if an acceptable resolution is not obtained.

6. I have more than one account for which I am responsible; do I need more than one card?

No. Only one card will be issued to an individual. Each card is assigned a default account number. The cardholder should mark any invoices which need to be reallocated with the appropriate department/fund. If you have purchased an item for another department, a document with their approval must be attached to the receipt in order for the transaction to be reallocated.

7. I misplaced by Procurement Card Manual. Where can I find a copy?

The Procurement Card Manual is available online through the Procurement website.