University Goals


1. Teaching/Learning
USCB will improve the quality of education by expanding its curriculum and stressing disciplinary knowledge and academic skill development characterized by critical inquiry, depth of understanding, accountability, and a commitment to diversity. The University will emphasize research, scholarship, and creative achievement as integral to effective teaching in all academic areas and will promote quality teaching and scholarship by   providing appropriate faculty-development support.
2. Research Scholarship and Creative Activity
Recognizing the intrinsic value of research, scholarship, and creativity and their importance to the region and to engaged teaching, the University will foster research, scholarship, and creative activity by recruiting, retaining, and supporting faculty members who are or will become nationally and internationally recognized as highly   productive contributors to their fields. The University will assist faculty to identify and compete for extramural funding to support research and creative activities.
3. Service Excellence
USCB will be actively engaged at all levels in making all of our services student-centered, customer-focused, and excellence driven. Our campus and community relationships will be sustained by adherence to our core service values – integrity, collaboration, innovation, responsiveness, accountability, and excellence. Our academic programs will respond to regional needs and promote a high overall quality of life. University members will exhibit good citizenship by using professional and personal expertise to improve our communities. On our campuses, every person and system will be dedicated to fulfilling the academic aspirations of those students who choose to be members of this learning community.
4. Quality of Life in the University Community
USCB will attract the most deserving and promising students at every level, regardless of background and economic circumstance. The University will integrate strong academic programs with cultural and co-curricular experiences to foster a sense of community and quality of life that nurtures the whole person.
5. Recognition, Visibility and Community Involvement
USCB will strive to complement and grow the region’s strengths by continuing to develop the University’s facilities, programs, activities, and community involvement. The University will increase its visibility by   highlighting the accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff. Where possible, USCB will attain appropriate accreditations. It will provide Lowcountry citizens with educational opportunities for lifelong learning and cultural enrichment, and develop and maintain partnerships with other entities to better serve the educational needs of the geographic region.



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