Statistical Summary

Fall 2012

School Name  University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) 
Enrollment  1828
Full-time Equivalency (FTE)   1547
Average student age   24
 37% Male
 63% Female
 19.5% African American
 1.2% Asian
 6% Hispanic
 0.4% American Indian/Alaskan Native
 0.2% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
 67.2% White
 0.4% Non-resiednt Alien
 3.5% Two or More Races
 1.5% Unknown
 76% Attend full-time
 24% Attend part-time
Pell Grant Recipients (Fall 2011)   FT=694   PT=88
Full-time instructional faculty   65
Part-time instructional faculty   82
School Colors   Navy, Sand, Garnet
School Mascot   Sand Shark

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IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey (2011-2012 report year)

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