Seal of Beaufort College 1795


The Beaufort College seal was adopted by the Trustees of the College of Beaufort for use in on Carolina Day June 28, 2009.  The date, 1795, is the date of Beaufort College’s founding.  Beaufort College is one of the oldest incorporated entities in the state.  The motto, “Virtue, Liberty, Science” was chosen by the founders of the college and inscribed on the foundation stone of the first building to house Beaufort College in 1804.

The seal depicts Beaufort College’s 1852 building, which was deeded to the Beaufort Higher Education Commission as the first structure to house the University of South Carolina Beaufort.  The Beaufort College building served as Beaufort College, as a Freedman’s School, as a Beaufort public school and now houses administrative functions for the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

The Palmetto tree at one side of the building is a symbol of South Carolina dating back to the American Revolutionary War Battle of Sullivan’s Island, giving rise to the state nickname, the “Palmetto State.”

The colors were chosen for historical significance.  The cream represents the off-white color of Sea Island cotton, which paid for the founding of the college and the funding of its buildings.  The two shades of blue represent different shades of indigo produced in the sea islands of South Carolina in the 18th century.  The darker indigo shade represents the most highly valued indigo which was produced only in South Carolina.