Testing Services

Testing services are provided from the beginning of the prospective students' admission requirements, and continue as an integral part of each student's academic progress through graduation, including graduate admissions and professional certification/licensure requirements. Placement tests in English, Foreign Languages and Mathematics are required of all incoming USC Beaufort students. New students are tested in conjunction with New Student Orientation programs.

USCB is also proud to offer test proctoring services to students attending other colleges and universities. Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, formal requests for proctoring services must be submitted in writing to Jody Vermilyea at vermilye@uscb.edu at least 2 weeks prior to the anticipated exam date. NO EXCEPTIONS! Students will be asked to provide two different date and time preferences; USCB will then confirm, by email, which date and time is reserved. The charge for proctoring services, which is payable to the USCB cashier’s office, is $75 per exam proctored. Students must present a receipt and a photo ID at the time of their exam. USCB does not allow cell phones, or any other electronic device, to be present during the exam, unless otherwise directed by the instructor. All communication regarding proctoring services is to be done through email .