About Us

Our Mission

USCB’s Writing Center is designed to help students become more comfortable with writing skills and critical thinking, and offers support in all stages of the writing process. Our goal is to make research and composition more understandable and enjoyable. Students sharpen their skills through one-on-one sessions which both complement and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. The Writing Center is staffed by writing fellows, upper level students or professional individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in writing skill and who are vetted and approved by the university.


Writing Center Staff

Jody Vermilyea, Tutoring Services Coordinator
Lauren Lang, Assistant Coordinator and Adjunct Instructor in English
Dr. Rob Kilgore, Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literature

Professional Writing Tutors
James Duffy, Lecturer in English
Jeremy Phipps
Charlie Pall, Adjunct Instructor in English

Peer Writing Tutors
Rob Hammet
Nicole Kustak
Katie Phillips


About Us