Resources for Students



BENG 101

"The Rhetorical Situation"
Dr. Kilgore and Ms. Lang

"Understanding Arguments"
Dr. Kilgore and Ms. Lang

Verbs for Academic Analysis
A list of verbs to help students explain what an author is doing to convince an audience, rather than simply summarize the author's content.

BENG 102

Sample BENG102 Body Paragraphs:
Literary Analysis
Researched Analysis with a Critical Lens

Critical Lenses:
Performing Analysis with a Critical Lens
Types of Critical Lenses



English 101 Lib Guide

English Lib Guide


Purdue OWL
This site offers information on essay and paragraph structure, grammar and punctuation, MLA and APA formatting, and much more. An excellent resource for both instructors and students.
A website that allows students to check their essays for plagiarism and citation problems.

University of Wisconsin: Common Writing Assignments
A list and overview of commonly assigned writing assignments at the college level, and how to approach them.