Welcome to the Department of Fine Arts!

The Department of Fine Arts provides students with a focus in studio art practice and theory, with a solid grounding in art history, within the context of the liberal arts. Our curriculum offers students breadth of experience at the fundamentals level in 2D, 3D, and media arts, and then encourages depth of study through upper level classes that explore their discipline of choice. As part of a liberal arts education at USCB, students are not only trained for careers as professional artists, they are also prepared for graduate study through exposure to collaborative research projects. Our Media Arts concentration takes a STEAM (STEM + Art) approach to applying fine arts skills to digital media, encouraging art students to work on class projects with students from other majors like Computational Science. The combination of the collaborative university experience with intense studio arts practice will help students apply their knowledge in today's technologically changing world, providing them the background needed for a successful career in the arts.

Program Goals

The BA in Studio Art Degree objectives:

  • Promote students' visual and conceptual development with exposure to a wide range of artistic ideologies, styles, and media
  • Introduce artistic diversity in the studio arts practice by integrating both contemporary and historical perspectives in a global context
  • Engage students in activities that relate to the professional arts field including internships, guest lecturers, exhibits, curatorial work, and community events
  • Establish a learning environment that encourages cooperation and collaboration with other departments, as well as the local community in the region and the state
  • Provide students with a diverse choice of media, knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and well equipped facilities to foster technical and creative growth and development
  • Provide students with a creative environment to develop problem-solving and perceptual skills that enable them to realize a concept into a finished work of art

Career Paths

Art and design is all around us, and an integral part of every aspect of society. Graduates of USCB's Studio Art program are prepared to apply their knowledge in a wide array of career paths:

  • Exhibiting Artist (Painting, Sculpting, Printmaking…)
  • Commercial Artist (Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Illustration…)
  • Media Artist (Animation, Cinematography, Broadcast Design…)
  • Interactive Designer (Video Game Design, Simulations, Web Design…)
  • Arts Educator (College Lecturing, K-12 Art Teaching, Museum Presentation…)
  • Other (Art Therapy, Arts Management, Scientific Visualization…

For more information about us:

Kim Keats, MFA
Interim Department Chair of Fine Arts
Historic Beaufort Campus
206 Sea Islands Center

Anna Roberts
Administrative Assistant
Historic Beaufort Campus
216-A  CFA Building

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