Advisory Council

Teacher Education Advisory Council (TEAC)

The Teacher Education Advisory Council shall be comprised of all education faculty and staff, students, members of the community, principals and teachers from partnership schools, and educators from the USCB service region.  The purpose of the council shall be to review and monitor the USCB Teacher Education unit and the quality of its graduates.  In addition, the council may make suggestions for the improvement of the unit and program(s).  The council will issue a written report of its meeting through minutes and any special reports deemed necessary to communicate with the faculty and administration for the improvement of the unit and program(s).  The council shall meet once a year during the spring semester.  The council membership will be as follows:

  1. All USCB Department of Education faculty
  2. The principal (or designee) and two faculty members from each partnership school (hosted Interns within the past 3 years or regularly host practica courses)
  3. The Beaufort and Jasper County School District Superintendent(s) (or designee)
  4. Four community members from the USCB service region (4)
  5. Two students from each of the USCB Department of Education Degree Program(s)
  6. Chairs from English, Social Sciences, and Math & Sciences Departments (3)

TEAC Powerpoint Presentation - May 2011

TEAC Meeting Minutes