Department of Social Science

Welcome to the University of South Carolina Beaufort’s Department of Social Science!

 Social Science: a branch of science that deals with the institutions and functioning of human society and with the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of society. [1]

The Department of Social Science offers courses in the following academic disciplines:

African American Studies


Communications Studies & Speech


Human Services

Political Science




The Department of Social Sciences offers Bachelor Degree programs in:

Communication Studies (B.A.)

Human Services (B.S.)

Psychology (B.A.)

Sociology (B.A.)


The Department of Social Sciences also offers the following minors:


Communication Studies

Human Services






Assistant Professor

 Kimberly Cavanagh, Ph.D., University of South Carolina -

Communication Studies:


Pamela Cooper, Ph.D., Purdue University -

Associate Professor

John Blair, Ph.D., University of Georgia -


Courtney Hampson, M.A., Monmouth University -



Charles Spirrison, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi -

Assistant Professor

Brandon Cosley, Ph.D., University of Maine -


Debra Henderson, M.S., Georgia Southern University -

Jan Holt, Ed.D., University of Houston -                          

Melodie Hunnicutt., M.Ed., University of South Carolina -

Rich Reed, M.S., Vanderbilt University -

James Reid, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University -

Cheryl Shookman, Ph.D., Tulane University -

Linda B. Wilson, Ph.D., Boston College -

Andrew Geier, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania -


Dr. Robert Ackerman, Program Coordinator -

Dr. Deborah J. Cohan, Assistant Professor of Sociology -

Ian K. deNeeve, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology -

Dr. Reid H. Montgomery, Jr., Adjunct Professor of Sociology -

Human Services:

Dr. Randy Lamkin, Jr., Program Coordinator -

Jim Glasson, Human Services Specialist -

Political Science:

Dr. Charles R. Barton, Professor of Political Science -


For more information regarding the Department of Social Sciences, please contact:

Dr. Charles L. Spirrison,

Program Coordinator and Chair,

Dept. of Social Science --







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