The Courses and Curricula Committee acts as a deputy of the Senate in a deliberative and recommending capacity concerning all requests for additions, deletions, and changes in programs, courses, and curricula and compliance with the campus’s long-range plans. Any proposed new curricula and new courses, and any course changes that affect the substance of course descriptions in the USCB Bulletin, must be submitted to the Courses and Curricula Committee for consideration. The advice of the Courses and Curricula Committee is reported to the Senate on any degree proposal. When programs are considered, the committee reviews and approves the tentative curriculum of the proposed program. The committee also recommends to the Senate policies regarding academic standards and periodic program evaluation.

Membership consists of eight (8) faculty members, one (1) from each department, the Library Director, the Registrar, the Assistant Registrar, and the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Library Director serves as a permanent member of this Committee and the Registrar, Assistant Registrar, and Executive Vice Chancellor serve as ex officio members. Elected members serve for staggered terms of three years.

Courses and Curricula