General Education and Professional Program Requirements

ENGL B101 & B102

Numerical And Analytical Reasoning MATH B111 or higher, STAT B201

COMM B140, B201, or B230

Liberal Arts HIST B101, B102, B111, B112, B115, or B116

   Fine Arts

   PSYC B101

   PSYC B321

   SOCY B101

Natural Sciences BIOL B243 & BIOL B224

Foreign Languages

NURS B330 or ANTH B452


Program Requirements



Core Nurisng Requirements

NURS B202: Role Development in Nursing as a Profession

NURS B312: Health Assessment

NURS B310: Biophysical Pathology

NURS B350: Nursing Research

NURS B401: Healthcare Delivery Systems

NURS B415: Gerontological and Rehabilitation Nursing

NURS B416: Community Health Nursing

NURS B420: Trends and Issues in Nursing

NURS B424: Professional Nursing Leadership and Management Seminar

NURS B441: Capstone: Professional Nursing Project


Electives as needed for degree completion