Current CSci Research Projects

1. NSF EPSCoR project: Computational Science at the University of South Carolina Beaufort

"... Our Computational Science undergraduate degree program will place USCB students on the cutting edge of sciences and mathematics for the future. Our students, our faculty, our region and the state will be the beneficiaries." (comments from Chancellor Dr. Jane T. Upshaw ) [More info...]

2. NSF NeTS project: Dynamic Indoor Location Computing and Benchmarking

"... transforms indoor location determination systems from high cost, labor intensive, imprecise, and static technologies to an affordable, automated, accurate, and dynamic system. ... will help attract, educate and retain talented undergraduate students and also motivate them for higher studies. (Students involved in the project: Robert Player, Brian McClure) [More info...]

3. SolarEscort project

"... is directed toward the use of a methodology and system and/or device to obtain the geographic location and other information for a mobile user in both indoor and outdoor environment. The purpose is to provide a low cost and self-dependent mechanism for location determination, navigation, and other information services without the dependence on any existing communication networks and/or power supply networks." (Students involved in the project: Austin Canfield)

4. Magellan Scholar Award by SC Research Foundation

Congratulations to Robert Player, who won the Magellan Scholar award from the SC Research Foundation. This one-year award will start on May 1, 2010, and will end on April 30, 2011. [More about the Magellan Scholar program...]

5. Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates (DREU)

Congratulations to Jonathan Bello-Mejia, one of approximately 45 students selected from more than 400 applications for DREU summer research. [More about DREU...]