English and Pre-Law

There is no single pre-law major, and law schools typically draw students from such majors as English, philosophy, history, business, and political science.  English, however, has long been one of the most popular pre-law majors, and English majors have traditionally scored very well on the LSAT exam.  The English major aims to develop a student’s abilities to read, speak, and write clearly, carefully, and critically.  These are skills that will serve anyone well in the legal profession.

Law schools generally do not require any specific prerequisite courses, but we recommend that, in addition to the English major, students interested in pre-law consider taking the following courses: Philosophy 110 & 111 (logic); History 111 & 112 (American history); Political Science 201 (American National Government); Political Science 345 (Security and the Constitution); and History 469 (American Legal History).  These courses easily fit into the English major and will prepare you well for the LSAT and law school.

Sample Course of Study

Fall Freshman Year  (16 credits)

Spring Freshman Year (15 credits)

English 101 & 101L

Math (usually BMTH 101)

Foreign Language 109

History 111

Speech 140

English 102

Philosophy 110 (2nd Numerical/Analytical)

Foreign Language 110

History 112

Fine Arts

Fall Sophomore Year (16 credits)

Spring Sophomore Year (16 credits)

English 287 (counts as 1st Gen Ed Liberal Arts Elective)

English 288

Philosophy 111

Foreign Language 122

1st Natural Science (with lab)

English 290

English 289

BPOL 201 (American National Government)  (1stSoc/Behavior)

2nd Natural Science (lab optional)

1st General Elective

Fall Junior Year (15 credits)

Spring Junior Year (15 credits)

1st English Pre-1800 Class

1st English Post-1800 Class

BPOL 345 (Security and the Constitution) (2ndSoc/Behavior)

2nd Gen Ed Liberal Arts Elective

2nd General Elective

2nd English Pre-1800 Class

2nd English Post-1800 Class

Philosophy (other than 110 or 111)

3rd Social/Behavioral Science Course (Non-Western)

3rd General Elective

Fall Senior Year (15 credits)

Spring Senior Year (12 credits)

English 453

3rd English Post-1800 Class

BHIS 469 (American Legal History)  (Humanities)

4th General Elective

5th General Elective

1st English Elective 300/400 Level

2nd English Elective 300/400 Level

3rd English Elective 300/400 Level

6th General Elective

Total Credits: 120

For more information about pre-law, please contact the pre-law advisor, Dr. Mac James, tjames@uscb.edu.