Dr. Lauren Gellar, PhD, MEd, MCHES Program Director Health Promotion

Dr. Gellar has experience working on multiple community, school and clinic based health promotion and education projects over the past 10 years. These experiences have afforded her the skills needed to foster partnerships with multidisciplinary teams which are invaluable to the development and implementation of health promotion interventions within these settings. Additionally, Dr. Gellar has extensive training in and working knowledge of behavioral health models. She has worked on many government funded interventions which incorporated strong behavioral components, many targeting and assessing stages of change, self-efficacy and outcome expectations. Several others utilized motivational interviewing to enhance behavior change. Dr. Gellar’s primary goal is to empower students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to have a positive impact on the health of individuals within their communities.  Dr. Gellar believes that learning is a multifaceted process involving the interaction between the student and the professor.  She believes that it is the professor’s role to motivate and stimulate students to go further in their desire to learn and to keep students actively engaged in their learning experience.

Research Interests

Behavioral and physiological factors associated with nutritional health status and how these factors relate to obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease risk in youth.



Johnson & Wales University 1996 AS Culinary Arts
Long Island University 2003 BS Clinical Nutrition
Columbia University Teacher's College 2007 MS Nutrition & Public Health
Columbia University Teacher's College 2009 MEd Community Nutrition
University of Massachusetts Medical School  2011    PhD     Clinical and Population Health Research



Dr. D. Alan Warren, Academic Program Director, Environmental Health Science

Experience Summary:

Prior to his arrival at USCB, Dr. Warren served as an industrial hygienist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and later as a consulting toxicologist for TERA, Inc. specializing in toxic tort litigation. He currently directs a non-degree granting program in Environmental Health Science, a sub-discipline of public health that examines the interrelationships between the environment and human health. His research at USCB has been supported by more than 3 million dollars in extramural funding. He routinely conducts field- and laboratory-based research in environmental and human health risk assessment, with the focus of late being in support of the U.S. military’s efforts to ensure the environmentally sustainability of its small-arms firing and air-to-ground bombing ranges. In addition, he obtained funding to begin and operate the University’s water quality laboratory that conducts bacterial and chemical analyses to inform local decision makers. He also conceived and directs an ongoing effort to collect, analyze, and report body mass index data on every 3rd-, 5th-, and 8th-grade student in the Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton County School Districts. In addition to his research program, Dr. Warren provides instructional support to multiple degree programs, including Nursing, Education, and Health Promotion. He also serves as a technical resource to numerous local, state and federal agencies, including the U.S. EPA.



University of Georgia 1985 BS Environmental Health Science
Yale University School of Medicine 1987 MPH Epidemiology and Public Health
University of Georgia 1995 PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology
National Research Council Research Associate       1995-1997   Post-Doctoral Appointment Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH