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The Sand Shark Sound: A Channel Connecting Separate Seas

November 03, 2013

Be inspired to find Black Violin: the sound connecting separate worlds.

National Geographic’s interesting fact on the Sand Shark reads: “Sand sharks survive well in captivity, and their large size and menacing appearance makes them an extremely popular addition to public aquariums.”

…This propelled me into dimensions of ideas, I navigated through them with the same propensity in which I was propelled forth with, I stumbled onto the ever-present memory of Black Violin’s performance Friday night; hear the sound: Black Violin survives well by captivating, and their larger than life size and unclassical appearance make them an extremely popular addition to every heart and every soul who comes in contact with their sound. It could not be truer.

USCB’s Art Center hosted Black Violin’s Wilner “Wil B” Baptiste and Kevin “Kev Marcus” Sylvester, two astounding artists who have taken on to revolutionizing the music world. I truly was unsure what to expect once I entered the theater and took my seat. I brought my mother along for the evening and we watched in amazement as every single seat in the theater filled. The house was so full that our very own Mayor of Beaufort was seat-less, he confessed, in his introduction of Black Violin.

There are truly no words to the experience of watching these artists as they have redefined everything from a theatrical experience to the world of music as we know it.

Every rule was broken, every inhibition released, and every heart tempted by sounds which pulled your insides to a dance, and if you were one of the fortunate ones it surfaced to your toes and fingertips, the tapping of your feet, the twist of your legs, the rhythmic flux of your arms, and the curvatures of joy upon your face. I saw people as young as ten years old and as wise as eighty, dancing to the music. Standing and dancing. I saw a room of over a hundred people cheering, clapping, and bobbing to the sound that engulfed us all into one ameba of music lovers.

I could tell you every moment of this event in excruciatingly delightful detail as I do with so much of my writing but here, both justice and experience would go undone and unfulfilled.

Instead I will attempt to implant the hunger in you to find them. This group spoke to our community. We discovered and rediscovered three things:

  1. BLACK VIOLIN rocks.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Work harder than everyone else.

Black Violin spoke to the youth of us all: educate yourself, grow yourself, live and pursue your dreams.

And as I pursued them after the show for half an hour with my mother through various tactics of divide and conquer, stalk the green room entry door, sneak to the back entrance, all in hopes to grab a quote and photo, they managed to give me the slip (unintentionally of course!). However I remain determined to get that quote and photo and one day will be able to unveil it to you. Until then Black Violin plagues my rhythmic hunger and passion for creativity and education, I have an inspiration to know more, be more, and embrace me more. The Sand Shark journey lives on. CAPTIVATE. BE BIGGER THAN LIFE. BE YOU AND PURSUE.

Yours Truly: Lost in the Sound Sand Shark,

                                                                 Erin Dailey