Picture of students using computers in the library

A Day in the Life of a Sand Shark

October 09, 2013

USCB is, dare I say, ingenious for choosing our mascot of the Sand Shark, for there is not a day that goes by that I cannot personally find a link between I and that “close to shore shark” as a student here at USCB. The creature descripted, “serene and harmless-- except when provoked” describes everything from our library  to our sports field

Yet today one description of this shark stands out to me. The sand shark is called a “free thinker” as he is “one who fends for himself" yet he is also known to be “found in large groups”. As I think of my peers at the University I see such attributes dispersed within and throughout us. Go through a day on this campus. You will see a hustle and bustle in each individual pursuit of differing educational goals, with differing ideas, and differing drives, yet stay long enough and you can easily witness how wickedly equipped in thought, creativity, and knowledge we are to integrate, collaborate, and work together. You think it’s cool to see us in one of our study cubicles?!-- well wait to you find us in a “large group”! 

Recently in my Leadership in Practice course I saw this in high-definition amongst our diverse group including communication, psychology, language, environmental science, hospitality, nursing, and premed majors. Together we were able to find riveting connections amongst each other, in our ideas, and philosophies behind leadership. I believe even in this particular class alone we are growing an extraordinary bond, perhaps still unbeknownst to us, yet a bond that tugs at our hearts and implants renewed aspirations, inspirations, and determinations into the pursuit of who we are becoming. Then again I suppose it is not atypical to get those feelings while sitting at the table, the 11 of us (yes, Dr. Spirrison too), listening, conversing, and laughing with thee genuine, boldly brilliant, resilient guest leader: Parris Island Brigadier General, Lori Reynolds.  (PS! Check out our Military Programs at the University of South Carolina Beaufort!!!)

 I just cannot breathe enough of the air on that campus… or should I say water?!


Yours Truly: Sand Shark,                

                                      Erin Dailey