Picture of students using computers in the library

Sand Shark Hunger

October 25, 2013

Staying hungry: sometimes it is not the easiest thing to do. When your goals seem unclear, when you do not really know what direction your education, your future, your life is going in and the times layer on uncertain circumstances and seem to have a cruel way of untethering such abundant dreams and hopes. How does this happen to us when maybe just months, weeks, days, moments before everything seemed so clear and so defined—there was purpose and destination in the foundation of our identities and aspirations. Inspiration which was flying unceasingly into every crevice of our minds suddenly perchance disappeared and we found ourselves in a moment of loss “where did it go, and where am I?”

I think it is easy to get lost in the tasks and progressions of life. To become so submerged in the errands, in the scheduling, in the efforts to “stay on top of it all”, in the efforts to deal with the endless chaos of the so many aspects of life. Yet we mustn’t forget where we are --opportunity will not vanish, we mustn’t forget when it gets tough and the hopes and dreams seem to fall asleep--they will be reawakened, and we mustn’t forget when times seem uncertain and changing-- we can find certainty and purpose as we change with them.

It reminds me of the story of one building’s life here in Historic Beaufort. Walking down Boundary Street you will find a sign post with this story upon it. It sits in front of our North Campus School of USCB and this is how it reads:

“Beaufort College, a college preparatory academy founded in 1795, occupied this Greek Revival building from 1852 to 1861. The school opened in 1804 at Bay and Church Streets but closed in 1817 after a yellow fever epidemic, reopening in 1820 at Newcastle and Craven Streets. This building designed by John Gibbes Barnwell II featured two classrooms, two offices, and a library modeled after the one at S.C. College, now the South Caroliniana Library at the University of S.C.

Beaufort College closed its doors in the fall of 1861 when Beaufort was occupied by Federal troops. For the rest of the Civil War it was a school for former slaves and part of a hospital complex serving both freedmen and Federal soldiers. It also served as headquarters for the Freedmen’s Bureau here during Reconstruction, then became a public elementary school in 1909. In 1959 the University of S.C. acquired this building for its new Beaufort Campus.”

(Beaufort Historical Society and The Beaufort College Board of Trustees 2001)

The purpose of this school moved location to location, it survived changing times, it survived horrific conflicts and chaoses of life, its purpose was molded with servitude and ambition, and its purpose drove change and beckoned its adoption. By all this survival and drive, by all this “not giving up”, and by all this “staying hungry” the University of S.C. acquired this building. This is to say it learned, developed, and attained it and it has since been reawakened.

USCB challenges its Sand Sharks to not merely survive but to live with purpose, to find inspiration to serve, ambition to create growth, strength to stay hungry and in pursuit, and Beaufort is a constant reminder. From the beautiful waters to the fiery sunsets, from the lush marshes to the blue skies, from the historical grounds to the endless horizons that our beaches reveal, Beaufort ignites what I like to call Sand Shark Hunger: awakening everything you are.

Yours Truly: Reawakened Sand Shark,

                                                   Erin Dailey