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A Sand Shark Saturday

October 26, 2013

Ever wonder what a Sand Shark does on Saturdays? Join me in my Metropolitan Opera experience!

Nothing makes me feel more like Rose, arms flung open, on the railing of The Titanic, inspired to shout “I’m flying Jack!”--than to spend a Saturday afternoon at The Metropolitan Opera. Not many Met goers can say they found a parking spot with ease, purchased a ten dollar ticket, managed to wear one jacket in October, and sat smack dab in front center audience. That’s because my Met experience today took place in Beautiful Beaufort on the North Campus of USCB being streamed live in HD to the performing arts center theater there on a magnificent, giant screen. Having been to the Met in New York City before I was able to recall the thrill of the dimming lights, the astounding sound, and the abundant audience -which our delightful film crew took time to zoom in upon and throughout before the show began. It was only in this Met experience that I was not a mile away from the stage wishing I had binoculars, trying to peer over somebody’s big hair, and breathe through my sleeve because of various overpowering scents. What is offered here in our quaint and lively town of Beaufort is an artistically blossoming world on the sea, enhancing our minds, enriching our hearts, and exciting our education to absorb more. Watching Dmitri Shostakovich’s “The Nose” compelled audiences in NYC and throughout our world (via HD Live) to both ache with the frustrations and tragically absurd events, laugh with the same absurdity and compelling truths, and rejoice with the triumphs and simplicities of life. Being able to actually see the set and characters up close offered a majestic experience and the interviews before the show shed insight into the beauty of this particular production. The very Nose that escaped Kovalyov’s face was modeled after the South African Artist and Director of this production, William Kentridge. His passion for the masterpiece he delved into (nose first) only inspired passions within myself to pursue what I love-- and to do it to the full.

Just another benefit of our Sand Shark habitat!

Yours Truly: Sand Shark Saturday Superb,

                                                              Erin Dailey