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No Sand Shark Shave November

November 07, 2013

As a USCB student I often find curiosities and relentless wonders lingering, persistent in my mind, implanted by newly absorbed thoughts and ideas presented in my classes. One particular curiosity stands out in my mind. This November in my Human Biology class “No Shave November…Movember…Noshavember” surfaced during the class discussion on cancer. There was an evident pride taken in “No Shave November”, and it radiated throughout the class with a palpability to where I could not help but take notice. Why?

The ridiculousness that some see within those beards (or leg & pit hair ladies) is in fact, without a doubt: brilliance.

Tracing the origins of this hairy month is similar to searching through Rapunzel’s locks in hopes of finding the longest strand. Like extraterrestrial conspiracy theories, “No Shave November’s” origins plague the internet. Yet through all the ideas of where and when “No Shave November” birthed one thing remains in common amongst them. Your hairy November is predominantly in an effort to raise cancer awareness and it is nothing less than a uniting unveiled by our humanity.

Recognitions of “OH! You’re hairy?”… “I am hairy too” accompanied with a high five-- echo through the month of November and in essence is truly saying “OH! You’re human?”… “I am human too” meanwhile the high five which follows screams “we can both get cancer, we may know people who have fought cancer, together we choose to all fight cancer, AND WE WILL BEAT CANCER!” and this my friends is the beginning.

The battle of cancer may not be won by our beards suffocating cancer cells or spooking them with Viking attributes but the hair growth symbolizes the powers of knowledge, an embracing of what we can lose, a unity, a giving back, a choice to take action, and the making of an everlasting impact.

Alas the origin: NO SHAVE NOVEMBER (click me!!!)

It is truly a challenge: Don’t shave your hairs for a month and donate your shaving savings to:

Movember 13 -The Fight for Men’s Health (including the fight against Testicular & Prostate Cancers)

No Shave November -The Fight against Cancer (educating cancer awareness & aiding those in the battle)

AND!!! Replace you SHAVING time with SAVING time & your life ! Visit the above links to educate the mind on cancer prevention! We have two options: to sink or to swim! I say we swim united my fellow Sand Sharks! Go get your hair growth on!

Yours Truly: Hairy Sand Shark,

                                                Erin Dailey

No Sand Shark November