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May 03, 2014

I parted from my blog this past month or so, while partaking in Shakespeare Rep’s Inaugural Season of “Macbeth”. In my return I dedicate this poem to my blog and ALL of my blog readers of whom I hold in the most highest esteem. Thank you!

(The musical inspiration of ODE TO THE HOUSE OF MY BLOG.)


How I missed you.




and hearing your music unfold.

Transporting my thoughts into a land I dream about day and night.

Lifting me higher into the rhythms I thought my imagination could not reach…

oh, how I missed you--

Releasing the wonders of my mind, capturing the beat of my heart, controlling the rhythms of my breath...

oh, how I missed you--

Your magical clickity clack, and you take me for a ride, a carriage sweeping the streets of my mind...

oh, how I missed you--

Your glowing light that shines softly, dimly, sweetly on my face, reminding me of genius untapped...

oh, how I've missed you--

As I play the board --my fingers dancing happily, my eyes floating through the air, breathing in the way you remind me of truth, of joy, of adventure…memories, celebrations, growths, beauties, the way you help me release and share with the world the wonders of the world.

Oh, how I missed you.

Never stopping, never pausing, even at a “wrong note” --you still have the ability to keep the music going… the music flowing, the music slowing the world around me down and quickening the thoughts within me up…

and I see myself performing a ballet, and oh I am beautiful in your sound - in the ways you provoke my thoughts - in the ways you spit the story right behind my each move - chasing nipping at the heels of my every idea. You are, you are, you make my body pull in toward you and flow back like I am a world class Juilliard trained pianist sitting in Carnegie Hall.

Yes I am = a symphony master.

This is my music.

I play you, and each key releases a secret of its own, painting a canvas, a beautiful masterpiece, and the colors fly, and land perfectly with each stroke, the images inspire stories held deep in the hearts of those hungry to live a life untold. A life all their own, designed with beauty, with perfect lighting, with sound effects to make the story alive, props that instigate: smiles across the face, tears in the eyes, discoveries in the heart, epiphanies in the mind, and sets that unfold with as much elegance - as the turning of each page in the majestic script…and…

MMMMMmmmmmm yes!!!


You are so much more than a man-made idea.

Much more than a machinery of technology blasphemed and beaten, despised and misunderstood…much more than a tool for cyber-bullying, more than an outlet to the world for gossip and lies and false information and updates…and although behind your face I see you’ve been riddled with videos, and social worlds of all sorts, programs mindless to complex, and accounts beyond counting...

I consider you as so much more.

Like my body, you too appear quite simple on the outside… but within is a world unknown, an artist of every kind, like me you were built for communication, for community, for knowledge, and wonder, and like me you are within such a chaotic and messy world…yet when we come together I make one log into the web of your world in hopes that-- within your world I can reach others, to share my own world, and create change in something, someone, somehow, someday within the world that is of ours' all.

Yes. I have missed you.



Yours Truly: Sand Shark Blogger,

                                                     Erin Dailey