After Acceptance - Academic Advising FAQ

How do I know when I am eligible to register for classes? 
Once you have received your acceptance letter from the Admissions office, you are eligible to meet with an Academic Advisor (new freshman are required to attend Orientation to meet with an advisor). USCB policy requires every student to be advised each semester before he or she is eligible to register for classes.

Who is my academic advisor?
Every student at USCB will be assigned an academic advisor based on his or her major and the number of credit hours completed. New students with less than 30 completed credit hours will be assigned to a General Education advisor. Students who transfer in more than 30 credit hours (45 for Business & Hospitality Management majors) will be assigned a Faculty advisor within his or her academic department. Each department has designated a contact person listed below to meet with new students for transcript evaluations and advising.

Advising Contact Information:

Students with less than 30 completed credit hours (less than 45 for Business majors):

General Education Advisors  

Note: All new freshmen are required to attend Freshman Orientation before they can make an advising appointment. New Freshmen will receive advising and scheduling at Freshman Orientation.

Students transferring with more than 30 completed credit hours (45 for Business majors):

Where can I see the Schedule of Classes?
The schedule of classes currently offered is available at under the Academics menu or by logging into your student account and selecting Master Schedule. The schedule(s) for upcoming terms will be available on approximately March 1st for Summer and Fall terms or approximately October 1st for Spring terms.

How do I register for classes?
Students should register for classes using VIP once they have met with an advisor and been "cleared" for registration.

How do I access my student account? 
Visit to access your student account.

How do I change my major or minor?
Students should fill out a Change/Declaration of Major (or Minor) form in the Registrar's Office (Bluffton location) or in the Student Services Office (Beaufort location).  It is important to do this as soon as you decide to change your major so a new advisor can be assigned.

How many credits can I take in a semester?
USCB, as well as most universities, considers 12 credit hours to be Full-Time status. Most students will need to take approximately 15 credit hours per semester to graduate in 4 years. The number of hours a student needs to take each semester can vary depending on the type of Financial Aid or Scholarship a student is receiving, the type of program the student is pursing or any number of factors. It is important to tell your academic advisor about any requirements or guidelines on the number of credit hours needed when you meet. Students may enroll in a maximum of 18 credit hours during the Fall or Spring term (any addition requires special permission). The maximum number of credit hours for the Summer term is 7(for a 5-week session).

What is a "hold" on my record and how can I get it lifted?
A "hold" is placed on your record if you have unfinished business with some department or area of the university. It can range from a parking ticket or library fine to an overdue tuition bill or academic reason. A "hold" can prevent you from registering for classes, requesting an official transcript or a variety of other functions with the university. Students can determine if they have a "hold" by logging into Self Service Carolina.

What are placement exams?
Placement exams in English, Math and Foreign Language are offered each semester at no charge to students in an effort to promote greater success in the classroom. These exams gives students the opportunity to jump ahead to advanced courses in areas in which they excel or receive additional assistance, usually in the form of a lab, for those who need a little extra attention. Placement exams have greatly enhanced the success rate in freshman courses at USCB and every student is encouraged to take them. Students who choose not to take placement exams will be enrolled in the most basic level of English (BENG 101 w/lab), Math (BMTH 111L) or Foreign Language (BSPA/BFRE 109). Students can find more information on placement exam dates at or by calling 843-208-8033.

Where can I get tutoring or help with my classes?
USCB offers tutoring in most subject areas free of charge for current students. We also offer a Writing Center for help with written assignments. More information about the Tutoring Center can be found at or by calling 843-208-8024.