Scholarship Gifts


Each year a variety of scholarships are awarded to deserving USCB students.  On-going scholarship awards are both need and merit based, and they are both endowed and annual.  The endowed scholarships annually allot monies from interest on the endowment, and the annual awards are allotted from annual donations.  The awarding of all scholarships is contingent on the availability of funds and the eligibility of students.

Many USCB scholarships have been established to commemorate the contributions of community members or family members.  Generous donors include individuals, businesses and organizations.

USCB Scholarships

Dr. Louise Anders Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Dr. Anders, deceased, was a dedicated servant to Beaufort County and its education system. Her legacy in public education remains in Beaufort County through the scholarship in her name, awarded to a deserving student based on personal integrity, moral character, and a keen desire to succeed. Students in the field of service, education, engineering, mathematics, music, and business who show academic and personal achievement, demonstrating financial need, are eligible for this scholarship.

Beaufort Charities - Paul Barber Scholarship (Annual)

Each year the sole fund raiser for Beaufort Charities is the golf tournament held every May at Fripp Island. Using proceeds from the golf tournament, Beaufort Charities funds a scholarship to benefit a local student who exhibits academic achievement and financial need.

Edith R. Harvey Scholarship (Endowed)

Mrs. Harvey provides this scholarship to a student interest in religious studies and/or other liberal arts majors with intentions of proceeding on to seminary. The student must demonstrate academic merit and financial need and predict a 3.0 grade point average.

Battey Family Scholarship (Annual)

Given by Colden and Patricia Battey, the Battey Family Scholarship is designated to benefit a student based on financial need, academic merit, excellence, and potential.

BB&T Scholarship (Annual)

This scholarship is awarded to an entering freshmen student, who is a local high school graduate, based on academic merit and financial need.

Beaufort Water Festival Scholarship (Annual)

Edwin W. Pike, Jr., a founding father and commodore of the Beaufort Water Festival, a man of great wit, charm and integrity, invested great interest in attracting business to improve the economic opportunities for all of our citizens. Mr. Pike's philosophy that higher education is vital to attracting industry and providing jobs for our citizens, resolved to establish this annual scholarship to honor post commodores who have given distinguished service to the Festival and this community. The student section is based on academic merit, excellence, and potential, as well as financial need.

Barbara "Bobbe" Dyleski Memorial Scholarship (Annual)

Mr. Gordon Dyleski, in memory of his wife, Bobbe, established this memorial scholarship to benefit a second-year student pursing a degree in a medically related field who as at least a 3.0 grade point average.

William Mason Hardimon Memorial Scholarship (Annual)

Established by Mr. Shawn A. Hardimon in memory of his father, this scholarship is awarded to a business student (not to exceed 120 credit hours) who holds a minimum 3.0 grade point average, and demonstrates financial need.

Rose Y Mark/Furniture Warehouse Scholarship (Annual)

Rose Mark, past president of the Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce, and active community member, established this scholarship to benefit a student studying business, marketing, or merchandising, demonstrating financial need. Mrs. Mark and her husband, founders of the Furniture Warehouse, opened the doors to their customers on January 15, 1972.

Mary Moody Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

This was scholarship commemorates the exceptional commitment to USCB’s business students and program made by a former USCB Professor of Business Management.  The student selection is based on academic merit, excellence, and potential.

Neidich Family Scholarship (Endowed)

Dr. and Mrs. Sol Neidich, long time friends of the University, contributed the first scholarship to USC Beaufort. Dr. Neidich was a board member of the USCB Foundation. Following their death in an automobile accident, their daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Kenneth Hoffman oversee the scholarship and continue the award based on academic merit and financial need. Recipients must graduate from a local high school, be accepted to USCB as a full time, degree seeking student, show academic ability, and have demonstrated leadership qualities in school and community affairs.

Ruth Eva Nelson Memorial Scholarship (Annual)

Set up by the Dyleski family as a memorial to Bobbe Dyleski’s sister, this scholarship is awarded to a second year student who is majoring in science and holds a 3.0 grade point average.

Palmetto State Bank Scholarship (Annual)

This scholarship is awarded to an entering freshmen student based on academic merit and financial need.

Regions Bank Scholarship (Annual)

This scholarship, intended to assist a student in reaching academic goals and hence improve the quality of life in the Lowcountry, is for qualified students demonstrating academic merit.

D.L. Scurry Foundation Scholarships (Annual)

In 1969, Mr. D.L. Scurry and his CPA, Mr. J.F. Burgess, created a non-profit foundation which emphasizes providing educational scholarships for individuals attending college in South Carolina. Since that time, Mr. Scurry has helped further the educational goals of thousands of students throughout the state, including USC Beaufort, where funds are distributed to help as many students as possible. Continuing students at USCB are eligible based on academic merit.

Sea Island Rotary - Darwin Bashaw Scholarship (Endowed)

Honoring Darwin B. Bashaw, former Dean of USC Beaufort and member of the Sea Island Rotary Club, this scholarship is based on academic merit, excellence, and potential. The Sea Island Rotary Club raised the funds to establish this endowment.

Sea Island Rotary - John Perrill Scholarship (Annual)

This scholarship is in honor of Mr. Perrill, former chair of the Sea Island Rotary Club. The student selection is based on academic merit, excellence, and potential. Funds are raised annually by members of the Sea Island Rotary.

Maureen and Edward Seim Scholarship (Endowed)

Given by Dr. and Mrs. Edward Seim, this scholarship is designated to a full time student of proven academic ability and financial need.

South Carolina Bank & Trust Scholarship (Annual)

This scholarship is given to an incoming freshmen business major demonstrating financial need.

Sprint Mid-Atlantic Scholarship (Annual)

Awarded to a South Carolina resident, this scholarship is designated to a full time student who holds a 3.0 grade point average.

USCB Bookstore Scholarship (Annual)  

Given to a full time student, this scholarship, based on academic merit, assist students with the goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree from USC Beaufort.

USCB Chancellor's Scholarship (Annual)

Funded through the USCB Educational Account, this scholarship, in honor of the Chancellor, is awarded to a Beaufort County resident who exemplifies maturity and academic success as well as financial need.  

U SCB Gamma Beta Phi Scholarship (Annual)

The Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society provides two scholarships each semester; one to a part-time student and one to a full-time student. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, to students with a 3.0 grade point average. Financial need is a factor in case of a tie.

William F. Cochrane Scholarship (Endowed)

Established by the Cochrane family in memory of Mr. Cochrane, who devoted much of his time in support of USCB, this scholarship benefits deserving students in the community who demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

Morgan C. Haynes Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Lt. Col. Paula and Lt. Col. William Sherman, along with Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Haynes and Harry H. Heard, established this scholarship, in honor of their daughter Morgan, with preference to students majoring in art education. Lt. Col. Paula and Lt. Col. William Sherman are Morgan's mother and stepfather. Mr. Walter Haynes is Morgan's father.  Mr. Heard is her grandfather.  The Shermans were stationed in England, when a then - 18 year old Morgan enrolled in USC Beaufort. Before she could begin the Spring of 2000, she was killed in an automobile accident. In addition to her family's contribution, the staff from the operating room at Good Samaritan Hospital, in Puyallup, Washington, and Beaufort's hospital community made generous memorial contributions.

David McCollum Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Eleanor McCollum Levin, in memory of her husband, who was a long-time Professor of Biology at USCB, established this scholarship to benefit an undergraduate student in life science and/or environmental science studies who performs well academically. Professor McCollum developed the Pritchards Island Loggerhead Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 1982 to assist in the conservation and preservation of the loggerhead sea turtle by protecting the nests and increasing the hatchling survival rate on land.

Ramon N. Tessler Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Mrs. Ricki Tessler, in memory of her husband, endowed this scholarship to be given to a Beaufort or Hampton county resident. Those who reside in Sheldon, South Carolina will be given first consideration. Students who have participated in the Sheldon Community Enrichment Program (SCEP) will be given top priority.

Leith Paul Trask Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Marjorie Trask and her family established this scholarship to honor her husband who was an excellent painter in addition to being a prominent businessman. This scholarship is awarded to an art major or a student with a demonstrated interest in the visual arts.

Dot Wrede Memorial Scholarship (Endowed)

Established by Mrs. Wrede’s family and her many friends at the University, where she was both an exemplary staff member and student at the time of her death, this scholarship is awarded to an active member of Gamma Beta Phi who holds on associate degree and demonstrates financial need. Each recipient is asked to consider repaying the funds after their graduation, in an effort to maintain the "only excellence" attitude that was upheld by Ms. Wrede, and to allow this scholarship to be available to more students.

To learn how to establish a scholarship, please contact Michael Bonnette, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development at 843-208-8236, 843-540-4885,, or