Floorplans & Rates

2014-2015 Housing Rates (Rates are subject to change pending Board approval in July 2014.)

Room Type

Semester Rate


Palmetto Village:
Single Room


4 bedroom apartment, each resident has their own bedroom, 2 residents share a bathroom

Palmetto Village:
Double Room (see picture below)


4 bedroom apartment, 2 residents share a bedroom, 3 residents share a bathroom (Only the residents sharing the bedroom qualify for the reduced rate.)

 Grace White House


 2 residents share a bedroom and 4 residents share a bathroom OR 4 residents share a bedroom and 4 residents share a bathroom
(Floorplan below)


Double Room Setup


2013-14 Meal Plan Options and Rates (2014-2015 rates not yet available)

Meal Plan Type

Semester Rate


14 Meal Plan


Student can eat up to 14 meals in the Dining Hall during each week of the semester. **Freshman are required to participate in the 14 meal plan.

10 Meal Plan


Student can eat up to 10 meals in the dining Hall each week of the semester. **Current students and new transfer students can choose between the 10 or 14 meal plans.

Weekend Add-On Plan


Student can participate in weekend plan that provides 2 additional take-out meals each weekend of the semester. **Weekend plan available for any new or current student.



Palmetto Village (Hilton Head Gateway Campus)

Palmetto Village offers three different floor plans for residential students.  All options are designed with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Each apartment also includes a living room area and a full-size kitchen.

Option 1: The majority of freshman live in the apartments with this floor plan.

PV floorplan

Options 2 & 3: These floor plans are available to all returning students and new transfer students.

Unit A View

Unit B View


Grace White Student House (Historic Beaufort Campus)

The Grace White Student House offers 2 types of rooms with 4 students sharing a bathroom.  The residence hall is a renovated historic home that offers unique features including hardwood floors, a lowcountry front porch, and a sun room.  Residents will have access to a full kitchen, pantry storage and free on-site laundry facilities.  Residents are conveniently located across from the Historic Beaufort campus and within walking distance of downtown Beaufort.

First Floor--4 students share bedroom & bathroom                          Second Floor--2 students share bedroom & 4  
                                                                                                                                  students share the bathroom

First Floor Second Floor