2013-2014 Break Request Information

Students planning to remain in their room, return early, or be in their residence hall room at any time during any portion of the Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring break periods must complete this form and have Housing approval to gain access to the hall. No student is permitted to be in the residence halls during any portion of break time without completing this form and returning it to Housing.

Please understand the following rules apply for all break periods:

  • Students may not have visitors, other than USCB students who also have permission to stay, in the hall during the break periods. No overnight guests are permitted without written permission from Housing.
  • Students found in violation of these rules or any Housing policy will be asked to leave the campus immediately and not permitted to return until the end of the break period.
  • Students must complete this form and have it approved by Housing prior to the break starting.    
    • Thanksgiving Deadline, November 22nd
    • Winter Break Deadline, December 6th
      • Note: No students will be allowed to stay between Dec. 20, 2013-Jan. 1, 2014 
    • Spring Break Deadline, February 28th

Break Request Form