Campus Safety Information

Crime on Campus

Please be aware that criminals seek out valuables left in vehicles or residence hall rooms. Every effort is being made to ensure that your safety and belongings are not compromised:

  • Keep valuables out of sight

  • Use Project I.D.

  • Park close to buildings

  • Lock Your Doors

Project I.D.

The Public Safety Office will engrave your valuables with a universally recognizable number to aid in recovery if they are stolen. A database of items engraved will be maintained for four years at the USC Beaufort Public Safety Department in case your valuables are stolen. Items can be engraved at your request by contacting your Public Safety Officer or R/A. Complete the Project I.D. form and give it to your R/A when your valuables are engraved.

Project I.D. Form


Residence Hall Safety

Your residence hall may very well be your home for the next few years. The faculty and staff at USC Beaufort would like you to have a positive experience. Have a mutual agreement with your suite mates that you will keep the outer door locked at all times.

  • Check windows to make certain they are secure, especially on ground floor units.

  • Have keys and cards ready as you approach your residence or vehicle.

  • Keep your head up; look around as you walk; don't be distracted by your cell phone.

  • Know how to use a call box and its location.

  • Program the Public Safety Department's phone number (843-208-8911) into your cell phone.  Call for an escort.

  • Notify Police if you have any concerns about your safety.

Let roommates know where you are and what time you will be back.

2012 Security and Fire Safety Report (2009 - 2011 Statistical Reporting Period)

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