Club Basketball


USCB Club Basketball

Questions and Answers with Coach Aurel Stuart

1. What exactly is this basketball team? Is it associated with the school by intramural sports or is it a club team?

This is a Club Basketball Team, and this will be the 4th season in which the team has actively competed.

2. How many people are on the roster? Is it 5vs5?

All league basketball teams play 5 on 5 games. There are a total of 16 players on the 2012-13 Team. Six players are returnees from the team that finished as the league runner-up in the highly competitive CBA.

3. Who all do you all play during the season?

USCB plays in the Effingham County Industrial League and the CBA (Coastal Basketball Association). Both leagues feature former college players along with local standouts.

4. What days do you all play on and what time? Where?

USCB will play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the ECL at the Effingham County Gym beginning January 8, 2013. The CBA begins in March of 2013 and USCB is slated to play on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the former Hardeeville High School gym. Final schedules have yet to be released.

5. Is there a team captain?

Captains for this year’s team are Tevin Small and Ben Calderon, both sophomores and second year players on the USCB squad.

6. How do people sign up/try out to play for next season?

Announcements are posted on Campus Media and Bulletin Boards in October of each year concerning Tryouts for the Team.

Beyond Players, the Team is in need of a Stats Manager, a Publicist, and Van Drivers.

7. What is the team's name?

USCB CLUB BASKETBALL, also known as the USCB Sand Sharks

8. What was your team's record last year? Did you win any tournaments or awards?

USCB finished second in its Division in the ECL, and it finished as the Championship Playoff Runner-up in the CBA.

9. How often do you all practice?

Without a gym available on the USCB campus, we are only able to practice twice a week during the pre-season and then once a week during the season. The team rents gym time at the AGAPE Family Life Center in Hardeeville.

10. When did the season start?

The season starts in January, 2013 with USCB scheduled to play its first game on January 8.

11. What are your thoughts on how well the team chemistry is?

With six returning veterans for leadership, the new players are following their example and working hard to make this Team one the student body will appreciate and actively support. About 30 students recently showed up to support the Team in a recent pre-season game at the AFLC.

12. Do you think that there will there be a basketball team next year?

Unfortunately, no. USCB is without a gym and budget limitations, coupled with other priorities, moved back initial plans to have a Team competing in NAIA games. The next step might be to schedule some pre-season or exhibition games with other colleges as an interim step to launching a formal USCB Team. Hopefully our success with young non-scholarship players will capture the administration’s attention and speed up the process for a developing an NAIA Basketball Team at USCB.