Community Support

USCB supports community organizations dedicated to preserving our region's rich history, protecting its natural beauty and assisting its residents.

Beaufort County Alliance for Human Services
The Alliance for Human Services is a partnership among community leaders that is dedicated to the development of a system of human services that promotes and sustains the well-being of all Beaufort County residents, emphasizing those at risk, those who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with disabilities and special needs.

In 2004 a group of community leaders introduced a conceptual framework, Together For Beaufort, a community indicators project that would allow all Alliance members to "hitch their wagon to one train" and pull together in the same direction. There were sixteen objectives identified, from poverty to child care to water quality. The first report, which was written by the Biltmore Institute of North Carolina was released to the public in 2006. The interim report, written by a local consultant, outlines the progress made by nine work groups, or coalitions.  The purpose of this Together for Beaufort Interim Report is to provide our citizens with a snapshot of progress toward our goals for a better community.

Read the Together for Beaufort Interim Report

Visit the Beaufort County Alliance for Human Services website

River Smart
River Smart collaborates with individuals, organizations, grassroots groups, land trusts, scientists, government agencies and municipalities to act as a guide and connector ensuring that conservation efforts within the region are coordinated and effective.

Utilizing multi-media resources, River Smart:

  • Works with partner organizations and government on projects, studies, publications, events and opportunities to enjoy the environment.

  • Facilitates collaboration among individuals, groups, and government working on conservation efforts in the region.

  • Attracts funding through sponsor donations and provides grants to partners whose projects support the River Smart vision.

  • Promotes education, awareness and stewardship to enable the S.C. Lowcountry community to successfully coexist within the unique estuarine system and natural resources found in the Port Royal Sound Watershed now and into the future.

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Community Support