Continuing Education

Programs that improve your life/job skills are available through the Community Outreach office.

COMPUTER CLASSES -- All classes will be held in Sci/Tech Building Room 123 on the Bluffton Campus/Hwy 278

QuickBooks Level I teaches key features and capabilities of QuickBooks. Learn how to create a company, work with accounts, customer  & vendor lists, enter sales, and create invoices.


QuickBooks Level II users will learn how to handle "tricky" situations including NSF checks, special transactions, track employee time, set up payroll, and be prepared at tax time.


Excel Level I will equip users the basic skills needed to create and use  spreasheets. Learn how to enter and edit data, format cells, columns & rows, and create basic formulas. (Version 2007)


Excel Level II will prepare more users to develop spreadsheets that produce effective results. Learn how to generate charts and graphs, enter numbers as labels or values, and manage multiple worksheets. Reference Guide included with registration.(Version 2007)


Excel Level III will teach more advance Excel users how to create pivot tables and macros, use financial functions and data analysis, and advanced formatting and analysis tools. (Version 2007)

No classes scheduled.
Please call Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 for information.

Word will provide users the skills to create professional looking documents. Learn how to set page margins, set and clear tabs, insert page numbers, format text and paragraphs and use bullets and numbering.

No classes scheduled.
Please call Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 for information.

PowerPoint will teach students the introductory features of PowerPoint so not only will they learn the basic steps to create and edit presentations, they will also discover how to enhance the look and functionality of them. Reference Guide included with registration.

March 30 & 31    W/TH    6 pm - 9 pm     $90

Click, Drag & Scroll - Computer Basics
Ever wonder what happened to that document you were working on? Click, Drag & Scroll--Computer Basics will teach users about file management and other functions.

No classes scheduled.
Please call Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 for information.

Digital Photography: From Camera to Computer
Capturing a picture with your digital camera is just one step. This class will provide the steps that come after. Learn how to transfer the pictures to your computer and edit them with a free program you can download from the Internet. Students must bring their camera and USB cable to connect to the computer. 

No classes scheduled.
Please call Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 for information.

Internet & Email will teach users tips and techniques for surfing the internet. Send friends pictures and files, use electronic signatures, plus much more.

No classes scheduled.
Please call Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 for information.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students enrolled in computer courses should be familiar with using personal computers and have used a mouse and keyboard. (Basic typing skills are not required.) Paticipants should be comfortable in the Windows XP environment.

Refund & Cancellation Policy for Computer Classes

A $35 administrative fee will be charged for cancelling after you have registered. A minimum enrollment is required for each class; therefore, classes can be cancelled due to low registration. If a class is cancelled, registrants have the option of receiving a full refund or transferring the fee to a later class.   Please note, refunds typically take 3-4 weeks and will be made in a form of a check.

For more information, contact Staci Breton at 843.208.8246 or

**QuickBooks I & II are offered in conjuction with the Small Business Development Center of South Carolina."The South Carolina Small  Business Development Center (SBDC) is partially funded under Cooperative Agreement No 6-603001-Z-0043-26 by the US Small Business Administration." The SBDC operates in partnership with the US Small Business Administration. The support given by the US Small Business Adminstration through such funding does not constitute and expressed or implied endorsement of the co-sponsor(s) or participants' opinions, products or services." All SBDC programs are non-discriminatory and available to individuals with disabilities.  



Spanish instruction is offered for those wanting to acquire basic communication skills for personal or business use. Classes are scheduled throughout the year in various locations of the Lowcountry.

Basic Spanish includes emphasis on vocabulary, simple sentence structure and conversation.
Advanced Basic Spanish expands on points of grammar and introduction of simple past tense in conversation.
Intermediate Spanish employs all three tenses with additional vocabulary skill building for use in real life situations.
Classes are 11 sessions in length and meet for 1.5 or 2 hours once a weekon both USCB campuses and at our facility on Hilton Head Island.
For more information or to register, contact Marilyn Arseneau at 843.208.8237or


Basic                     $165
Advanced Basic    $165
Intermediate I      $180


Bluffton (USCB South Campus/Hwy 278)
Basic                M        2/7 - 4/18       H158     6 - 8 pm     
Adv. Basic       TU        2/9 - 4/20      H158    6 - 8 pm        
Intermediate    TH       2/10 - 4/21     TBA     6 - 7:30 pm     

Hilton Head Island (Pineland Station Mall, Suite 304A/Hwy 278)
Basic               TU       2/8 - 4/19      Pnld304A   6 - 8 pm                 
Beaufort (Center for the Arts - 801 Carteret Street)
Basic               TH       2/10 - 4/20     PAC 100     6 - 8 pm        
Adv. Basic       TU        2/8 - 4/19      PAC 100    6 - 8 pm        

ESL (English as a Second Language)


Fall 2011 dates TBA
Registration will be in Bluffton Campus Lobby on Hwy. 278 (across from WalMart)
Note: Placement tests will be given to all new enrollees


         Basic - Levels IA and IB                            $190* 
         Intermediate - Levels IIA and IIB             $190* 
         Advanced - Levels III, V, and VII              $190*
                                           (Topic: Writing)       $140 of taking another class

   *Registration Fee include textbooks

CLASS SCHEDULE  -- Bluffton (USCB South Campus/Hwy 278)

Basic IA          T/Th   9/14-12/7    H135   6 - 7:30 pm    J. Drozdowski

Basic IB          T/Th   9/14-12/7    H274   7:30 - 9 pm    L. Lara

Interm.IIA      T/Th   9/14-12/7   H135   7:30 - 9 pm     J. Drozdowski

Interm.IIB       T/Th  9/14-12/7   H158   7:30 - 9 pm     C. Hansen

Adv. III           M/W   9/13-12/6  H158    7:30 - 9 pm     C. Hansen

Adv. V             M/W   9/13-12/6   H270    7:30 - 9 pm     L. Lara

Adv. VII          M/W   9/13-12/6   TBA     7 - 9 pm          C. Hansen

For more information, contact Marilyn Arseneau at 843.208.8237 or 521-3114 en espanol


Continuing Education