USCB Student Parking Registration

Please visit the guard shack at the entrance to Palmetto Village on the Hilton Head Gateway Campus to register for a student parking permit.

Parking on campus:
With limited parking on our campuses, it is critical that all students park in those areas that assigned for students parking. Public Safety will be enforcing parking policy with citations and/or use of a parking boot to immobilize vehicles and after repeated violations, your vehicle may be towed. Please be aware of the following parking policies:

  • Students living in student housing (with a PV permit) may only park in Palmetto Village parking while attending classes.  
  • Commuting students must part in student designated lots. Overflow parking will be allowed on the grass in Palmetto Village and the back lot of the Science and Technology Building.
  • Students may not park at the end of aisles, in fire lanes or in the Faculty/Staff lot near Hargray. Handicapped designated spaces are ONLY for those that have a handicap permit displayed.

Any questions about parking can be directed to the Department of Public Safety at

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