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USCB Students:
In response to Hurricane Matthew, classes will be not be held after 4:20 Tuesday, October 4, 2016. In addition, classes will not be held Wednesday, October 5 through all of Saturday, October 8.  In addition, the university will be closed during this time as well.
Please continue to check the USCB website at website for updates on when classes will resume and additional information.
Residential Students
ALL STUDENTS MUST EVACUATE UNIVERSITY HOUSING PROPERTY BY WEDNESDAY 12NOON.  You MUST check out in person with the housing office in the Beaufort Building prior to departure so we know your emergency plan.  If you havealready departed campus, please email so we may check you off the list.
Students that live in on-campus housing are strongly encouraged to leave campus, and rejoin your families and implement your family emergency plans ASAP. All cars must be removed from USCB parking lots by 12 noon, Wednesday, October 5.
Students with cars or their own transportation that do not have a safe evacuation location will be offered basic housing and food service by the University of South Carolina Aiken. Directions to the campus will be provided to you by USCB housing staff.  You will be living in the gym and the address is 471 University Parkway Aiken, SC 29081.  USCB housing staff will be available to check you in into the gym beginning at 10:30 am, Oct. 5.  USCB prefers that you drive route 278W to Aiken.  The Housing Office will provide directions for those who need to drive themselves. 
Students that cannot join family or friends and do not have transportation must meet at the basketball the parking lot behind the Beaufort Building in Palmetto Village, Wednesday, October 5 at 8 a.m. sharp to take a bus to the University of South Carolina Aiken. Please bring only essential items needed.
All meal services from the dining hall will end at 11 a.m., Wednesday October 5. Please use this time to eat breakfast and get a to-go box lunch. Please continue to check the USCB website for updates.






Welcome to USCB Housing!

The overall goal of the Housing program is to provide a supportive, high-quality environment that promotes the educational goals and values of the University and is conducive to student learning. Staff members develop and promote program ideas, services and staff interactions that encourage student development with an emphasis on individual responsibility. Efforts are directed towards establishing a community where there is an appreciation of individuals and a respect for his/her rights. Services are provided with an understanding of and a commitment to quality with regard to fairness, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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