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Since the University of South Carolina Beaufort’s founding more than 50 years ago, much has changed on campus and around the Lowcountry. Starting on the former campus of Beaufort College—with its history dating back to the late 1700s—USCB has now grown into a four-year institution with three campuses.

Our three campuses have facilities—some dating back to the 1850s—that you might see when you’re discovering more about USCB on a campus visit, attending class, or taking in an on-campus event.

Art Studio

Built more than 100 years ago, the Art Studio on the Beaufort campus has served as an African-American Presbyterian Church and later housed the first public library for African-Americans in Beaufort. Today, it’s used as an art studio and classroom at the Historic Beaufort campus.

Beaufort College Building

Constructed in 1852 as the main structure of what was then Beaufort College, this building is one of the oldest college buildings in the state. It was rededicated and restored in 2000, and houses senior administrative offices on the Beaufort campus.

Campus Center

Located in the heart of USCB’s Bluffton campus is a 26,000-square-foot Campus Center. With a multipurpose room, student lounge, Shark's Cove Bookstore, and the Sand Bar—a full-service dining hall—it’s a great social hub for all students to come together.

Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts (CFA) serves as a host site for numerous cultural events and academic functions for Beaufort campus. It houses a 500-seat auditorium with a large, semi-circular lobby, adjoining art gallery and reception area. CFA also has 12 classrooms, faculty offices, a bookstore, and USCB’s chemistry laboratory.

Grace White Student House

The Grace White Student House—named for the first female attorney in Beaufort—houses 16 individuals on the Beaufort campus. Built in the late 1800s, the house went under a $300,000 renovation before opening in 2012. Located on the corner of Carteret and Duke streets, the Grace White House combines the best of both worlds for our students—home-like environment and dorm experience.

Grayson Faculty House

Purchased by USCB in 1980, the Grayson Faculty House sits on the west end of the Beaufort campus. This building houses offices for the Department of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Hargray Building

Located on the Bluffton campus, the Hargray Building houses offices for, faculty, admissions, community relations, financial aid, and the registrar,

Bluffton campus Library

The Bluffton campus houses the newest University of South Carolina library. Between the Bluffton campus library and Beaufort campus library—located in the Sandstone Building—you’ll find a print collection of more than 68,000 volumes, 121 print periodicals, 18,000 serial titles online, 17 newspaper subscriptions, electronic collections of more than 16,000 e-books, and 80 full-text and citation databases.

Palmetto Village

With apartment-style residence halls housing nearly 700 students—all fully furnished with in-room laundry—living doesn’t get much better than Palmetto Village at the Bluffton campus. Our apartments—three built within the past five years—are not only brand new, but they have the most current technology.

Sand Shark Recreation Center

The newest addition to USCB is the Sand Shark Recreation Center, which opened in January 2015 on the Bluffton campus. The indoor recreation center includes a gymnasium with two full-size basketball and volleyball courts, a fitness center and athletic training room, indoor and outdoor storage, and the USCB athletics offices. The 20,000-square-foot recreation center is accompanied by four acres of multipurpose recreation fields adjacent to the building.

Sandstone Building

In 1965, the Sandstone Building was built for general classroom space and adorned with a sandstone façade depicting the history of the administration building and the institution. Today, the building houses financial aid, business office, a computer lab, and a library on the Beaufort campus.

Science and Technology Building

Completed in 2005, the Science and Technology Building on the Bluffton campus contains two classrooms, four science laboratories, four individual research laboratories, six offices, and two lounges.

Science Building

The Science Building at the Beaufort campus houses three laboratories and faculty offices.