2017 Student Research and Scholarship Day, April 17 in the Recreation Center

2017 Student Research and Scholarship Day at USCB Set for April 17 in the Recreation Center

April 11, 2017

2017 Student Research and Scholarship Day at USCB Set for April 17 in the Recreation CenterBLUFFTON, S.C. –  The 2017 Student Research and Scholarship Day at the University of South Carolina Beaufort, http://researchday.uscb.edu/April 17 promises to be bigger and better than ever. At least 82 students are expected to participate in oral presentations or poster presentations highlighting an advanced level of undergraduate research at the university.

Now in its ninth year, USCB's annual Student Research and Scholarship Day has grown steadily in size and stature over the years. To accommodate the growing number of academic posters submitted for this year's event, the organizing faculty committee relocated the venue from the lobby of the Hargray Building to the university's Recreation Center on the Hilton Head Gateway campus.

Six oral presentations are scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon, and 62 research poster presentations from 1 to 3 p.m. At 3:15 p.m., the event's keynote address will be delivered by David Simmons, Ph.D., associate professor of anthropology at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, and associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Arnold School of Public Health at USC. Dr. Simmons is the father of a USCB student.

More than five months of planning went into preparing for the 2017 event. The organizing committee of eight faculty members coordinated presentations by undergraduate students in multiple disciplines, including: biology, math, computational science, communication studies, history, English and more. Most of USCB's academic disciplines will be represented.

"Our annual research and scholarship day is intended to highlight to both the university community and the community at large the value of the work our students are producing," says Kim Cavanagh, Ph.D., co-chair of the organizing committee. Dr. Cavanagh is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Social Sciences. Her co-chair is Erin McCoy, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English, Theater and Liberal Studies.

"Our undergraduate students are producing knowledge," Dr. Cavanagh says. "They're contributing to the body of knowledge in their field. They are learning how to be scholars. The work they do is really fascinating."

"There is a disciplinary divide about how people share research," says Timothy M. James, Ph.D., an associate professor of history at USCB, an author, and a member of the organizing committee. "Many of the humanities disciplines, like English, for example, prepare oral presentations. This includes students who are doing literature studies and foreign languages and those who are doing creative writing."

"Student Research and Scholarship Day is a great opportunity for our students to practice presenting scholarly research at a conference in a friendly atmosphere," Dr. Cavanagh adds. "They're learning that knowledge isn't something they passively take in while sitting in class; knowledge is active and it can be really exciting as well."

The organizing committee is making a special effort this year to attract greater public participation. "We want people in the community to see first-hand the excellent work our students are doing," Dr. Cavanagh says. "There are also many potential employers in the area, and we want them to witness what our students can do."


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For more information about the 2017 Student Research and Scholarship Day, contact Dr. Kim Cavanagh at 843-208-8347 or kcavanagh@uscb.edu. For more information about the University of South Carolina Beaufort, contact Kerry Jarvis, public information coordinator, at 843-208-8030 or jarviskc@uscb.edu.