USCB Beaufort Campus Opens Nursing Honors Residential Learning Community for Fall ‘18

USCB Beaufort Campus Opens Nursing Honors Residential Learning Community for Fall '18

The University of South Carolina Beaufort is introducing a new living, learning community for honors BSN nursing students on the Beaufort campus in the fall of 2018.

USCB is expanding residential housing on the Beaufort campus, thereby allowing students to live and learn together in a select nursing cohort that offers a common experience and keeps learners accountable to each other which is highly valued by students.  The cohort structure offers students a unique support system. Students will be directly admitted to the cohort via a competitive entry process.

This cohort model has proven successful at universities across the country. Residential learning communities improve student engagement, develop a sense of community, improve retention rates, result in higher GPAs and help students complete degrees in a timely manner.

USCB is currently seeking proposals from private owners of housing facilities in the local Beaufort community for student housing to accommodate the Nursing cohort. The students will be within walking distance of the campus as well as shops, restaurants, the waterfront, parks, etc. Students' first two years are spent on the Beaufort campus in preparation for completion of the BSN, the last two years of which are delivered on the Bluffton campus.

In addition to being in a residential learning community, this cohort will have planned learning experiences in the region, to accelerate their integration into the nursing profession. These enrichment experiences will promote inter-professional awareness and collegiality.

"We are excited about the innovation in nursing education offered on the Beaufort campus," said Kimberly Dudas, interim dean of the school of the professions and department chair of nursing at USCB. "These students will have an early immersion into the nursing profession that has proven to be quite successful in socializing the student to the profession and promoting a sense of the value of nursing as a profession."

A transition for this cohort will occur in the second semester of the sophomore year, with some classes held on the Beaufort campus and some on the Bluffton campus. The rest of the nursing BSN degree will be completed on the Bluffton campus and in clinical settings in the region.

About the Beaufort College Scholars:
The Beaufort College Scholars admits talented freshmen seeking a residential learning cohort model. This lively, innovative educational option for students will be located on the Beaufort campus where Beaufort College was chartered in 1795. Based on national models and best practices, the residential learning cohort has been demonstrated to accelerate student engagement in campus life, academic progress and persistence to degree completion. See citation below.

For the Beaufort College Scholars, the idyllic college town is Beaufort, SC. With its charming downtown, historic homes, waterfront access, and active arts, business and community life, it will serve as an extended living and experiential learning campus. The Beaufort College Scholars will take advantage of USCB collaborations with local businesses and nonprofits, including the Beaufort Digital Corridor, SCETV, as well as art organizations and participating artists.

Additional details about the Beaufort College Nursing Scholars program can be found at

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