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Identity Guide: Type

Official Typefaces for USCB

The primary headline font is Economica

This is Economica, 24-point, 400 weight.
This is Economica, 24-point, 700 weight.

The primary body text font is Open Sans:

This is Open Sans, 12-point, 400 weight.
This is Open Sans, 12-point, 700 weight.

In certain applications, it may be acceptable to use Futura as a supporting typeface. 

Typefaces for the University of South Carolina

GothamArcher, and Adobe Garamond are the official typefaces for USC-Columbia. These fonts are not free, so USCB has identified appropriate substitute fonts that do not require a paid license to use. As shown in the table below, the corresponding substitute fonts, respectively, are RalewayRokkitt, and Cardo:

USCB Fonts Table 

More to come!

We are in the process of updating this portion of the toolbox with instructions for downloading and installing the freely available fonts shown above.

In the meantime, if you need immediate assistance, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications—we will do our best to help you!