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Identity Guide: Overview

The visual elements of the university brand

To support our brand and bring our words and images to life, we must present a strong and consistent visual identity. The coordinated use of our university logo, along with a consistent typographic style, allows our departments and programs to represent themselves within the larger university. The primary color palette of navy, sand, and garnet distinguishes us from other universities, and an expanded secondary palette (inspired by the state's diverse surroundings) provides a vibrant range of color choices. These design elements comprise a unified visual identity that reflects our uniqueness but also retains the essence of the brand of the University of South Carolina.

logos Learn about the history and proper usage of the university's official logo.
type Discover which fonts to use within the USCB visual identity system.
colors Navy, Sand, and Garnet are the official colors of the University of South Carolina Beaufort—but there is so much more to our color palette than the three primary colors!
stationary Explore the letterhead, envelope, and business card options available within the stationery system.