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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I am already an RN and want to get my BSN degree?

Please contact Dr. Lynne Hutchison at for advisement.

How do I know what courses to take to enter the nursing major?

  1. Students should follow the “Recommended Program of Study for Full-Time Pre-Licensure BSN Students”.
  2. Students should take courses in sequence whenever possible.
    1. For example, A & P I should be taken before A & P II;
    2. Introduction to Psychology (PSYC B101) should be taken before Human Growth and Development or Developmental Psychology (PSYC B209 or PSYC B321);
    3. English Composition (ENGL B101) should be taken before English Comp/Literature (ENGL B102).
    4. College Algebra (MATH B111) should be taken before Statistics (STAT B201).  It is a pre-requisite.
  3. Spanish is the recommended language. 
  4. Students should carefully watch their GPA within the first few semesters – a GPA of under 3.0 is not conducive to applying to the nursing major.

How competitive is USCB's Nursing program?
USCB’s Nursing Program is highly competitive. We typically receive 100 applications each year for up to 48 spaces.

2019 Statistics for applicants accepted into the major:

  • Average cumulative overall GPA: 3.48
  • Average cumulative science GPA: 3.33

Are there any time limits on the prerequisite courses for the nursing program?
No. However, it is recommended that any science course that is a pre-requisite be taken within 7 years.

Can I repeat courses for higher grades? Is there a limit to the number of times
I can repeat them?
There is a rule concerning science and Nursing courses. Students must complete all science and Nursing courses with a “C” grade or above with a maximum of one science or one Nursing course repeated once to earn a minimum grade of “C”. That means you cannot fail 2 science courses, or a science course twice, or 2 nursing courses from another program.  If so, you are not eligible to apply for admission to this program. There is no limit to the number of times students can retake other classes for higher grades.

Does a bachelor's degree in another field enhance an applicant's chances of being accepted?

How many students do you admit to each admission term? And what is the acceptance rate for USCB program?
Each admission term the program is limited to forty eight (48) students. The average acceptance rate is 37%.

When does the nursing program begin?
The program begins once a year in January.

How do I apply to the USCB nursing program?
Please refer to the Application Process for more information.

Must all pre-nursing courses be completed before admission to the nursing sequence?
Yes. The pre-nursing program was designed to meet specific needs in the nursing curriculum.

What do I need to complete to apply to the program?
Students must

  1. Complete at least 41 prerequisite credits, including all science courses, by the end of the fall semester before entry into the spring BSN major.
  2. Have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 and an overall science GPA of 2.75 (all collegiate science coursework). Need a good site to figure GPA? Use
  3. Complete all science and Nursing courses with a “C” grade or above with a maximum of one science or one Nursing course repeated once to earn a minimum grade of “C”.
  4. Background checks, drug screening and health requirements are required on incoming students to ensure the safety of the patients treated by students in the clinical education program.  Clinical agencies do have the right to refuse student clinical placement based on criminal background and health requirements.  A student will not be allowed into clinical settings if the background check or the health clearance is inadequate.  Students must complete the clinical portion of courses to pass the nursing courses.  Therefore, students who cannot pass a background check or drug screen will not be admitted to the USCB Nursing program.  If a student does not pass the background check or drug screen, they are ineligible to perform the clinical portion of their courses for all agencies and progression in the USCB Nursing program will be stopped.  Students must successfully complete the clinical component of a course to receive a passing grade in the course.

What do I do if I have another degree or want to transfer into the nursing program?
We cannot evaluate unofficial transcripts for potential students so the best route is for the student to first go through admissions and apply. Once accepted, their credits are evaluated. Then, the advisors can go through and tell them what is left that they need to take. If students are interested in applying to USCB for a Nursing program, contact the Admissions office.

Is an interview required for admission?
No, an admission interview is not used in the admission process.

Does work experience in a health-care facility better an applicant's chances of being selected?
No. It is more important that you get a good college preparation program in high school. Frequently students take nurse aid type courses in high school at the expense of getting chemistry, algebra, and other critical science and math courses. Work experience may help you better decide about your nursing career, however, proper academic preparation in math and science will result in greater success in college.

Who makes up the Admissions Committee?
Student Affairs Committee – but full approval is granted by all Nursing Faculty

Can a student accelerate and graduate in less than five semesters?
Not at this time.

Will I have to attend school during the summer?
The traditional track curriculum does not incorporate summer school sessions in the program of study. Many students choose to take some non-nursing courses during the summer so that they have a lighter course load in the regular academic year.