Public Health Curriculum

USCB offers the Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health. To qualify for graduation, a student must meet general education requirements and health promotion program requirements as stated below.

  • I. General Education and Professional Program Requirements 51-58

The following general education requirements or their equivalent must be completed or transferred in for credit (each with a grade of "C" or higher). To receive a USCB degree the final 30 credit hours of coursework must be taken at USCB.

  • English 6

ENGL B101 or ENGL B105; ENGL B102 or ENGL B106. Each with a grade of 'C' or better).

Numerical and Analytical Reasoning

  • MATH B101 or a higher level mathematics course 3-4
  • MGSC B290 or CSCI B101 3
  • STAT B201 3


  • COMM B140, B201 or B230 3

Liberal Arts

  • HIST B101, B102, B111 or B112, B115 or B116 3
  • Fine Arts 3
  • PSYC B101 3
  • PSYC B209 or B321 3
  • ENGL B461 3
  • SOCY B360 (suggested elective)
  • Foreign Languages 0-6

Students shall demonstrate in one foreign language the ability to comprehend the topic and main ideas in written and, with the exception of Latin and Ancient Greek, spoken texts on familiar subjects. For foreign languages taught at USCB, this requirement may be satisfied and credit earned by proficiency. For all other foreign languages, the requirement is waived but no credit is earned by demonstrating an equivalent proficiency.

Natural Sciences

  • BIOL B243 or equivalent coursework 4
  • BIOL B244 or equivalent coursework 4
  • Additional BIOL or CHEM from the equivalent coursework listed below 4
  • BIOL B101
  • BIOL B102
  • BIOL B110
  • BIOL B120 & B120L
  • BIOL B230
  • CHEM B109
  • CHEM B111
  • CHEM B112

Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding Studies

  • ANTH B452 or NURS B330 3


  • HRTM B242 or approved nutrition elective 3
  • II. Major Requirements (each with a grade of "C" or higher) 51
  • PUBH B310 Introduction to Health Promotion 3
  • PUBH B315 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan 3
  • PUBH B320 Chronic Disease and Risk Reduction 3
  • PUBH B330 Principles of Epidemiology 3
  • PUBH B340 Introduction to Environmental Health 3
  • PUBH B360 Health Behavior and Education 3
  • PUBH B390 Field Experience in Health Promotion 3
  • PUBH B380 Research Methods in Health Promotion 3
  • PUBH 461 Writing in the Health Professions 3
  • PUBH B410 Examining Health Inequalities 3
  • PUBH B420 Leadership and Management in Public Health 3
  • PUBH B450 Public Health Program Development 3
  • PUBH B460 Public Health Program Evaluation 3
  • PUBH B480 Internship in Public Health 3
  • PUBH B490 Senior Seminar 3
  • III. Electives and Experiential Learning
  • 3 Public Health Electives - 9 credit hours
  • 2 Public health Experiential Learning Course - 6/7 credit hours     
  • Total Hours Required                                                                                         120

Minor in Public Health

PUBH B310, PUBH B450, and four additional courses from the following list: PUBH B315, B320, B330, B340, B360, B410, B420