Diana M. Reindl, Ph.D., CHES

Diana M. Reindl, Ph.D.Diana M. Reindl, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Public Health
Department of Nursing and Health Professions
Science & Technology 218
Bluffton campus

Diana M. Reindl, Ph.D., CHES, is an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of the Public Health Program in the Department of Nursing and Health Professions at USCB. Her previous research focuses on college student life and programs aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. Most recently, Dr. Reindl's research is focused on mechanisms attributing to the health and wellness of the LBGT community in and around the low country. This research was funded through mentoring a USCB Magellan Scholar Award-winning student.

Dr. Reindl received a B.A. at the University of Toledo in 2008. Her education was made possible through a four-year, Division I Athletic Scholarship in basketball. She retired from intercollegiate athletics after four knee surgeries over the course of two years, including three ACL reconstructions.

In 2012, she was appointed an Assistant Program Analyst with Lucas County Jobs and Family Services in Toledo while simultaneously serving as an Online Course Instructor promoting awareness of alcohol and contemporary issues in college life. Over the course of her academic life, Dr. Reindl amassed 7 scholarships and 13 awards, including a Will Roger's Institute fellowship to conduct research into tobacco-free campuses. In 2013, she earned a Ph.D. in Health Education with a cognate in Research and Design and Statistics from the University of Toledo and also obtained certification as a Health Education Specialist (CHES).

After earning an advanced degree, Dr. Reindl joined Ohio's only accredited college of Public Health at The Ohio State University as a Research Specialist in the Center of Health Outcomes, Policy and Evaluation Services. Over the course of her career, she received nine funded research grants and has contributed to 15 professional publications. Her research has appeared in 28 professional presentations, including four at international conferences.

Today, Dr. Reindl is actively involved with Student Life, Athletics and Nursing. One successful initiative included planning, implementing and evaluating the University's Health and Wellness Fair. Knowledge and awareness of local health and wellness resources in the surrounding community warranted further development. USCB hosts a fair with the twin goals of connecting community members with resources while providing a fun and active environment.  Students, community members, faculty/staff and many others attend the event.

One early indication of success for the Health Promotion Program at USCB occurred when a student graduate gained acceptance to the prestigious Emory Graduate School for a Master's in Public Health. Additionally, Dr. Reindl has assisted in creating a dual, online track version of USCB's B.S. degree in Health Promotion. The introductory cohort will graduate in the spring of 2018.

Dr. Reindl contributes service to her field as a peer reviewer for two academic journals, an advisor to the Health Promotion student club and to the Department of Nursing and Health Professions as a student affairs committee member. At the University level Dr. Reindl has served on the Family Fund Board and curriculum committee. She teaches courses in Health Promotion that focus on program development, evaluation, health disparities and wellness.


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