Why English?

Why English?

The English major at USCB will cultivate in you a broad cultural awareness and the ability to read carefully, think critically and write effectively and will prepare you for a range of life experiences and careers.

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What we do in class.

You can take classes in the range of American, British, and World literatures, creative writing, writing in professional contexts, editing and publishing, and even do a Writing Internship or write a Honors thesis over the course of an academic year. Our courses emphasize reading and writing and lots of discussion about ideas, big and small. Students research and write big papers, of course, but also work together to present their work to the USCB community and the wider public in a variety of creative ways. [Read More]

USCB Society of Creative WritersWhat we do outside of class.

You can attend and participate in the ENGLISH and THEATER SHOW, a fortnightly event series where English and Theater folks show and tell what we've been doing. The department also sponsors three student organizations: the Society of Creative Writers, Rogues and Vagabonds (USCB's Theater Club) -- both open to students of any major -- and a local chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honors Society). As a USCB English student, you'll be advised by a USCB English faculty member, who'll help you plan your courses and help you translate what we do here to the world beyond. [Read More]

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What careers you can have with a major or minor in English, and how to plan for them.

English majors get good jobs. While English majors typically go into teaching, librarianship, journalism, editing and publishing, marketing and public relations, or law school, English majors can and do go into a variety of professions that aren't "typical." [Read More]

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What USCB English alumni have done.

Our ten years of English graduates have become teachers, journalists, librarians, lawyers, marketeers, and graduate school students in various fields. There are also realtors, administrators, and a prize-winning novelist. [Read More]

What the world is saying.What the world is saying pic

A sampling of media that makes the case for English degree, including a close look at the economic and employment surveys that demonstrate that English works[Read More]