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hofferDepartment Chair:
Lauren Hoffer, Associate Professor, English
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
Victorian Literature and Culture, Romantic Literature, the Novel and Narrative theory, Women's and Gender studies
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Administrative Assistant:

Lauren Presnar



Mollie Barnes, Associate Professor, English
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Transatlantic Studies, Feminist and Revisionist Literary Histories, Expatriate Literature, Travel Literature, Composition



Robert Kilgore, Associate Professor, English
Ph.D., University of South Carolina
Composition, Medieval to Early Modern Literature and Culture, Shakespeare and Antiracism



Amy Leaphart, Instructor, English
M.A., University of South Carolina; M.S., The Citadel
Composition, Professional Communication, Medical and Health Humanities
Program Faculty, Interdisciplinary Studies



P. Ellen Malphrus, Professor, English and Writer-in-Residence
Ph.D., M.F.A., University of South Carolina
Creative Writing, American Literature, Southern Literature, Western Literature, William Eastlake



Erin R. McCoy, Associate Professor, English and Interdisciplinary Studies
Ph.D., University of Louisville
Composition, American Studies, Cultural History, the Vietnam War


Jeffrey McQuillen, Instructor, English
M.A., Clemson University
Composition and Literature, Medieval literature, Science Fiction, Rhetoric, Film Theory and Criticism
Program Faculty, Interdisciplinary Studies


Sam Morris, Assistant Professor of English
Program Coordinator, English with Secondary English Language Arts Licensure
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
Secondary English Education, Young Adult Literature, Literacy



George Pate, Associate Professor, English and Theater
Ph.D., University of Georgia
Theater, Dramatic Literature, Composition



Libby Ricardo, Assistant Professor, Theater
M.F.A., University of Georgia
Acting, Directing, Performance
Program Coordinator, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies


Sarah Swofford, Assistant Professor, English
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Composition and Rhetoric

Additional Interdisciplinary Studies Program Faculty

Murray Skees, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Kentucky