Lauren Hoffer, Ph.D.

Lauren Hoffer, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of English, Theater, and Interdisciplinary Studies
Associate Professor of English

Library 257
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Bluffton, SC 29909
Office: 843-689-8229
Lauren Hoffer, Ph.D.

My primary areas of specialization are Victorian Literature and Culture, the British Novel, and narrative as well as gender studies. Whether working on my own scholarship, discussing a text in class, or chatting with students and colleagues in the hallway, I am always invested in the ways form, content, and context work together in a piece of literature to create meaning. One of my favorite parts of being a member of the USCB community is the opportunity to teach across my fields, as in my courses on 18th century literature, Romanticism, the Victorian Period, Modern British Literature, Development of the Novel, Women Writers, and Literary Theory. I love that I get to offer courses that engage my other interests as well, such as genre classes in Fantasy, Gothic and Dystopian literatures and Composition.

Another aspect I really appreciate about life at USCB is all the ways we in the Department of English, Theater, and Interdisciplinary Studies engage students not only within but also outside of the traditional classroom. I especially enjoy my work as co-founder and co-instructor for the May River Review (through our ENGL 211 Editing and Publishing course), USCB's interdisciplinary undergraduate critical journal as well as my time as founder and sponsor of our chapter of International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta.

In my scholarship as in my teaching, I am particularly fascinated by representations of interpersonal relationships and the ways literature often blurs distinctions between different kinds of bonds, complicating conventions both formal and social. For example, much of my research has focused on the literary and cultural significance of lady's companions' relationships to their mistresses to demonstrate how nineteenth-century British authors used an employment bond that masquerades as friendship as a means of articulating anxieties about manipulative, self-serving forms of sympathy. 

In my current book project, I explore remarriage in the Victorian novel as a means of revising how we think about social, ideological, and narratological structures, both within Victorian literature and in the field.


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