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First Year English Courses

Read about the standard sequence of courses you will take in First Year English at USCB, and read about our enhanced sequence. Keep on reading to see section descriptions, written by the instructors who will teach sections of these courses for Spring 2016.

Standard First Year English Sequence

ENGL 101 - Composition (3 credit hours). An introduction to university-level writing, emphasizing critical thinking and the analysis, evaluation, and construction of arguments. Students will learn how to formulate a thesis, structure paragraphs, organize complex ideas, find and evaluate information, and write a research paper. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in ENGL 101 in order to take ENGL 102.

ENGL 102 - Composition and Literature (3). An introduction to literature that includes the writing of expository and critical essays, including a research paper. (Prerequisite: ENGL B101 or B105, with a grade of C or higher.)

Enhanced First Year English Sequence

Our Enhanced sequence is recommended for English majors, humanities majors, and all word-lovers. Students who want this unique experience may substitute ENGL 105 for ENGL 101, and may substitute ENGL 106 for ENGL 102. Students wishing to join ENGL 106 after successfully completing ENGL 101 may take ENGL 106 instead of ENGL 102.

ENGL 105 – Enhanced Composition (3). For English majors, humanities majors, and all word-lovers: an enhanced version of ENGL B101. An introduction to genres of writing, including (but not limited to) researched arguments.

ENGL 106 – Enhanced Composition and Literature (3). For English majors, humanities majors, and all word-lovers: an enhanced version of ENGL B102. An introduction to literary interpretation and the writing of researched arguments about literature. (Prerequisite: ENGL B101 or B105 with a grade of 'C' or higher).