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Opportunities and Awards

Discover the awards, publications, performances, and student organizations affiliated with our department!


THE SHOW is a fortnightly event series, sponsored by the Department of English, Theater, and Liberal Studies.

The $101 Prize

Students in all fall sections of English 101 are eligible to win the annual $101 Prize: The English 101 Award for Outstanding Scholarship. English 101 faculty may select one research paper from each of their sections of English 101 to nominate for this $101 award.

Honors in English

The English Honors Program exists to provide English majors of exceptional ability with an opportunity to further distinguish themselves and to develop the sort of advanced critical, research, and writing skills that can only be cultivated through a sustained research and writing effort of several months’ duration.

The Tombe/Eby Award

The Tombe/Eby Award is awarded each spring to the most outstanding English Major.

Student Research and Scholarship Day

USCB's Student Research and Scholarship Day, in late April, gives you an opportunity to present your best work before a large audience.

ENGL 211: Editing and Publishing Practicum

This course provides students with practical experience in editing and publishing through their work on the critical journal (May River Review) or the literary magazine (The Pen). The course may be taken up to 6 times for credit. 

ENGL 466: Writing Internship

ENGL 466: Writing Internship: This course provides a structured but flexible opportunity for English majors to earn course credit for an internship that focuses on writing, editing, proofreading, and/or research.