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The Tombe/Eby Award for Outstanding English Major

Each spring, the Department awards the Tombe/Eby Award for Outstanding English Major. This award recognizes the outstanding graduating senior in English who has maintained a strong GPA within the university and the major, and whose written work and participation inside and outside the classroom are recognized for excellence.

The Tombe/Eby Award honors
Dr. Sheila J. Tombe and Dr. Carl P. Eby.

Dr. Sheila J. Tombe

Dr. Sheila J. Tombe taught Shakespeare at USCB for many years and retired as an associate professor in 2008. Professor Tombe was the 2006-07 recipient of the SC Arts Commission Poetry Fellowship. She was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has studied in Scotland, Spain, and the U.S. She taught English in Spain and Spanish in Japan. She edited Apostrophe: USCB Journal of the Arts for ten years, and acted for Lowcountry Shakespeare, Rogues and Vacaboundes, The Rafael Sabatini Players, and Beaufort Repertory Company (roles include Shirley Valentine, Queen Gertrude and Lady Macbeth). Her poetry (in English) has been published in Alembic, Eclipse, Rosebud, Yemassee, Fortnight (Northern Ireland), Mindful Living, A Millennial Sampler of SC Poetry, and Essence of Beaufort: she is also recipient of the first Gival Press Prize for poetry in Spanish ("Velázquez pinta en color por primera vez"), published in Poetry Without Borders.

Dr. Carl P. Eby

Dr. Carl P. Eby taught at USCB from 1998 to 2013 and served for many years as Chair of the Department of English and Theater.  The author of Hemingway's Fetishism: Psychoanalysis and the Mirror of Manhood (SUNY P, 1999) and more than a dozen scholarly articles on Hemingway and modernism, he has recently co-edited Hemingway's Spain: Imagining the Spanish World (Kent State UP, 2015).  During his years at USCB, he was a Carolina Trustee Professor, was twice named USCB's Professor of the Year, and was twice awarded the South Carolina Governor's Distinguished Professor Award.  He now serves as Chair of the Department of English at Appalachian State University, but he loves the Lowcountry and USCB and remains a loyal Sand Shark.

Past Winners

  • 2018: Robert Raley
  • 2017: Hayley Edwards
  • 2016: Brenda Hill
  • 2015: Charles Taylor Johnson & Maribeth Stone
  • 2014: Alyse Bingham & Scott DeRouen
  • 2013: Matt Piscitello & Kyree Whitehead 
  • 2012: Stefny Ankney & Luke Kerr-Dineen
  • 2011: Reid Kirkpatrick & Lindsey Upton
  • 2010: Joe Vermilyea 
  • 2009: Megan Summers 
  • 2008: Heather Denardo 
  • 2007: Rebecca Varicak 
  • 2006: James McTeer 
  • 2005: Jennifer Hampton & James Frazier