Theater at USCB

The department offers a variety of theater courses, leading to a minor in Theater. Come see our shows, or better yet, get involved in our productions and our student drama club, Rogues and Vagabonds (and the improv troupe within the club, The Sturdy Beggars).


The theater program at USCB strives to provide students with foundational skills across the many sub-disciplines that go into creating performances: playwriting, acting, directing, design, and dramaturgy, among others. The minor offers the necessary basic training and introduction to the field for those students who decide to pursue theater professionally or academically. For other students, the minor will develop their skills in critical thinking, communication, research, and creativity. Above all, the program encourages students to use their artistry and intellect with confidence to engage their community through performance.


Success for the theater program will be defined by

  • An increased awareness of and interest in the theatrical arts by the USCB student body and the Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head communities in general.
  • The cultivation of a group of students dedicated to theatrical training and performance who show this dedication through taking theater courses, pursuing the theater minor, and performing in department-produced shows.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the minor in theater will possess:

Sturdy Beggars Improv Troupe Poster
  • An understanding of the development of Western theater and performance practices from the Greeks through the present day.
  • The skills, confidence, and practical knowledge to create exciting, entertaining, and engaging theatrical productions in and of their communities.