Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a diverse, interdisciplinary major that allows students to focus on diverse approaches to communication. The USCB Communication Studies program helps graduates poise themselves for the job market by advancing their verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills, combined with technical skills in media production and public relations. The program engages students in practical application of these skills through experiential learning.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the University of South Carolina Beaufort's baccalaureate in Communication Studies program is to provide its students a broad understanding of fundamental communication theories, principles, and practices within communication contexts such as interpersonal, groups, organizations, cultures, and the mass media and in the history and scholarship of the communication studies discipline. As a core of liberal arts education, the communication studies major enhances essential communication skills and fosters critical, self-reflective communicators who are effective members of society. The program will prepare graduates both for professional careers related to communication and graduate programs in communication studies.

Program Goals

  • Meet demands of regional students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree in communication studies
  • Foster a fundamental understanding of the communication process
  • Provide students with knowledge of the key communication principles, theories and research/scholarship that results in students becoming self-reflective, competent, ethical communicators; critical consumers of communication in a variety of contexts; a global perspective and critical reading/thinking skills
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain experience and knowledge in conducting communication studies research/scholarship
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice oral communication skills, both speaking and listening
  • Prepare students to contribute to their future education and work environments

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