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Communication Studies

Take a deeper look into our Communication Studies Program & gain insight into how our Communication Students become Communication Scholars...

Communication Projects

USCB Juniors, Kayla Logue and Poppy Miller took the initiative to apply and expand their communication knowledge and training in an internship with WHHI, a local television station of the Hilton Head and Bluffton area. Kayla and Poppy inspired and passionate began their own school news program "USCB Broadcast Blast". Their mission was to deliver pertinent and important news and opportunities to the students and the public to consequently form a stronger community. While the two began small their responsibilities, commitment, and audience have grown exceedingly large, Kayla and Poppy are excitedly looking for assistance from fellow students. Contact Kayla and Poppy on more information in how to become apart of the USCB Broadcast Blast Team! Check out their very first episode below! Follow their show on the YouTube channel…

Blast Broadcast Episode 1 from USCB on Vimeo.


You can design an internship (like Kayla and Poppy) with USCB, local companies, and/or other institutions. USCB's annual Career Fair is a great source to find opportunities of interning. Interning is a great way to learn where your interest are and how you want to focus your studies. It also is extremely appealing to employers because you have gained experience "out in the field". Communication Majors can fulfill a 400 level Communication Course Requirement with an internship: COMM B495 – INTERNSHIP IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES Prerequisite: Communication Studies Major only, 15 hours of communication studies, consent of instructor. Provides students with the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge across socially and culturally diverse populations in a professional setting. Minimum requirement of 150 service hours. 

Interpersonal Communication

Pictured above is a project communication student, Erin Dailey completed for  COMM B201 - INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Course. The course presents basic concepts for understanding communication in interpersonal relationships. The course combines a theoretical approach with a skills approach to the study of interpersonal communication. The Children's Picture Book Project entails creating a children's picture book to explain one concept of interpersonal communication. Erin Dailey chose the concept of nonverbal communication. Students participating in Interpersonal Communication read their books to kids at Read Across America Day and presented their project at Student Research and Scholarship Day.

Kelli and JasmineAkima and Amanda

Argument and Debate

Pictured above left to right are communication students Kelli Bright, Jasmine Knight, Akima Andrews, and Amanda Warren preparing for a debate in the COMM B325 course - ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE. (Prerequisite: COMM B140 Public Communication, or consent of instructor) The major focus of this course is on models of argument and how they are presented in various communication contexts. Students debate throughout the course the affirmative and negative of one topic (per team). Kelli, Jasmine, Akima, and Amanda's Team have been debating Gay Marriage this semester. Other debate topics have included federal legalization of Death with Dignity, the legalization of Sport Enhancing Drugs, federal legalization of Video Game Age Restrictions 18 and under, and Pay for College Athletes. Debating both sides of the topic provides a unique experience for debaters and trains debaters to fall back on their argumentation knowledge.

Student Research and Scholarship Day

Student Research & Scholarship Day is an annual event to showcase the research and scholarship activities of USCB students.


Dr. Cooper's COMM B345 Storytelling in Context Class chose to enter the showcase with a handful of stories. Together the storytelling scholars created poster, program, stories to tell, and a storytelling space. Although this was Storytelling's inaugural debut at Scholarship Day it did not intimidate the group as they came courageous and hungry to share their stories. They spoke truth to the beauty and power that is studying, listening, and telling stories; in addition they have set a road for future Storytelling Students to follow. 


Communication News and Awards

Communication Club


Current Communication Students

Current Communication Students answer "How would the world be different if everyone studied communication?"

"If everyone in the world studied communication, the world would be better because everyone would communicate better." -Cameron Croney-Clark

"If everyone was able to study communication the world would eliminate confusion entirely. -Caleb Campbell

"Everyone would be able to listen with respect and enthusiasm to everybody who needs to be heard." -Molly Clayton

"If everyone studied communication correctly, there would be less problems in the world. People would become better at listening and sympathizing with others. The barrier between everyone would be so much smaller and everyone would be more willing to step in another person's shoes." -Mahogany Hickman

"It would open everyone up for better face to face interactions!" -Gage Roth

"The world would be much clearer. Everyone would have a better and clearer understanding of everything. People would 'read between the lines' more often." -Chip Welch

"Communication is everything. In a world of technology there is hardly anytime to connect with one another. Communication takes us as humans back to the basic love of interaction through storytelling." -Debra Johnson

"The world would be a better, more tolerant place…more understanding!" -Sarah Gradey

"People would be better communicators in various situations." -Justin Clemmen

"People would be a little more patient with one another." -Rhakeam Brown

"I feel as though things would be viewed in so many more perspectives if everyone studied communication." -Kelli Bright

Current Communication Students answer "What does communication mean to you?"

"It means to speak to people with a purpose." -J.J. Crespo

"…the way people interact within the community every single day." -Kutler Lane

"It means to listen to the story of ourself and everything around us." -Erin Dailey

Current Communication Students answer "What is or has been your favorite thing/part about studying communication here at USCB?"

"It's very free and open. It's interesting to dig into different levels or ways to communicate in various situations with different groups." -Jasmine Knight

"My favorite thing about studying communications is that the classes are very relatable and helpful to things going on in my life, and the professors are amazing." -Amanda Warren

"My favorite thing about studying communications is all the different classes we have here that teach us, and broaden our views and knowledge on communication itself." -Akima Andrews

"I can firmly state that my favorite part was the interaction with the amazing professors. Thanks to them I have become a better and more courageous communicator." -E. Monika Bereczky

"My favorite thing about the communications major as a whole would be how close we all are! We're a tiny major but I think that makes all of the friendships and bonds we make all the more special." -Allie

"My favorite part is studying popular culture communication." -Katherine Weidner

 Stories of Our Upper Classmen

Asia"When I graduated from high school in the year 2011, I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for. I didn't want to go to college until I knew what I wanted to major in. I attended USC SALK for 2 years and I was still undecided about what I wanted to major in. I looked online at USCB school website and I saw what they had to offer and I saw communications as a major. I knew I always wanted to be on TV and I love talking and meeting new people, so I decided to major in communications and so far I think I made the best decision ever." -Asia Brabham

Erin"For high school I attended the Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities studying theater. Thereafter I began training at The Juilliard School for theater. Then life happened and all my plans had to change. Unable to afford my return to The Juilliard School I struggled figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Up to this point all my studies and training had been theater so when I attempted majors like nursing, radiology, surgery tech, and I can't even remember what else- I felt lost. I had been out of school for nearly two years. I was unsure and hesitant to return, then I just felt fed-up. I began my search all over again. Then my Mom (a USCB graduate!) read me information from online about the USCB Communication Studies Program, courses like Storytelling, concepts of analysis, and studies of language, and message delivery-- my heart skipped a beat. I actually recognized what this field was. All my years in theater became the groundwork for this newly discovered inner passion of Communication I had all along. USCB took my breath away from the very first day. I have experienced nothing but brilliant, creative, loving professors, in-depth, intriguing, refreshing studies, and fun, supportive, insightful peers. I feel ready to take on the world." -Erin Dailey

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